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  1. My sentiments exactly. I have not, nor will I log in under the current TOS. It is utterly pointless to accept Linden Lab as my agent, this contract is purely one sided. If taken to task highly it is unlikely that it would hold up in court. If I know from the start that it is to the unfair advantage of Linden Lab, I would do as I have done; refuse it in its entirety. No they have not taken advantage yet. Do I believe they will? I have witnessed Linden Lab do some shady sh!t to their customers. Faith is gone. Put it in writting Linden Lab, or lose the basis of your game; content.
  2. *not a reply to anyone in particular. Maybe everyone should do their homework on where indie game developers get their content. I am not saying all of them, I am however saying many don't buy content at all. "indie games content piracy" there is your google reference. It's not a secret for goodness sake. Many feel they give away their content, so they should just "get" their content. Just a realistic thought here.
  3. Unfortunately I am not seeing a huge outcry over this new tos change yet. That is the right of those that do log in. Personally I think it has to a lot to do with most ppl thinking the tos does apply to them but they just don't care about those tos. How many times do we just agree to a tos without thinking. I know I have in the past. Tos agreements have become at least for me irritating statements, that get in the way of what I want to do with the program; I am trying to install/use. Until LL acts on this new tos in a way that will affect SL users negatively , ppl simply won't care about
  4. Cerise Sorbet wrote: LL doesn't have the BVH files. The viewer converts them to a format that only SL uses, and it's a lossy conversion. That, the limited skeleton support, and the reliance on built-in viewer motions, make these assets really unappealing for reuse in other environments. That is correct but if they are claiming all assets now fall under the new tos, doesn't that infact make the animation LL property within SL; to include the original bvh file. After all they are claiming that with mesh, textures, sounds, art, and so on. In theroy LL themselves could file a DCMA agai
  5. bvh files are not exclusive to Second Life. Motion Capture is used in many mediums. If LL resells your animations, their value elsewhere goes down. Same goes for everything sold in SL. Scripts can be converted to C as well as other formats, meshes can be converted to obj files, music, art, poetry, have never been exclusive to the SL format. Legitimate creators convert their work to work in SL or create specifically for the SL format. SL is unique but I personally don't think it's smart to make LL agents assets sitting on their servers created by the community. Since the rights they have g
  6. Pixels Sideways wrote: I'm particularly happy that Linden Labs has appointed itself as my attorney. I will now direct any legal actions toward me to their offices. However, I will need the private numbers of the Linden Lab legal team in case I need bail or have a pressing legal question that keeps me up at night. I assume that will be forthcoming? I should have Rod's personal number too, just in case the legal team is tied up writing the next version of the TOS. Thank you Linden Labs for covering my ass -- I'll never have to worry about being sued or having to use some pro-bono or
  7. LL has always had the right to remove any illegal content from SL I don't think anyone would disagree that it is in LL best interest to remove illegal content. All the recent changes to the tos and contributor agreements is now a red flag imo. Not exactly sure what they are up to but my question remains; "Why is it necessary for LL to own it all". I personally am thinking this is connected to HighFidelity.io. As I understand it its SL in a cloud, my sim runs on your machine your sim runs on someone else's and so forth. To allow all content to move within that cloud, I believe they would
  8. I read the linked page above, and the pdf agreement. Changes made 25 Oct 13 Contribution Agreeement. This is an odd move from LL. Isn't the spirit of open source to freely exchange. "Grant of Copyright License. (a) You hereby assign to Linden Lab joint ownership in all worldwide, common law and statutory rights associated with the copyrights, copyright applications and copyright registrations in Your Contribution, and to the extent allowable under applicable moral laws and copyright conventions, You agree never to assert against Linden Lab or its licensees or transferees any moral
  9. If they are confident that it will make them money, they will devote the resources to it. ETA, and this is just meant in general here, not as a specific response to you. The SL economy may be an economy based on micro-transactions, but all those transactions add up to a lot of Real Money. How many real dollars did Rodvik say traded hands in SL? It sure was not peanuts. So I am not so fast to discount the value of SL content. "...according to Linden CEO Rod Humble. Those users typically rack up 1.2 million virtual goods transactions per day and have accounted for $3.2 billion worth of
  10. You have every right to your own EULA for your content, provided it does not conflict with SL ToS. LL still claims DMCA protection and has published procedures for you to follow for making a claim against violations. In the end, disputes between users will stay between users - LL involvement will be limited to what they see DMCA protection requires of them; nothing more. I agree that this has always been the case. If content piracy and protection is your area of expertise, then you should know that losing DMCA protection would be the single most damaging action that could befall an on
  11. Its not just the Desura connection that Peter Gray has pointed out now, no need for further speculation; he made that intent from LL clear.. It also bothers me that there is a direct connection to the HighFidelity.io platform that Philip Rosendale is now working on. As well as the new handheld console LL is working on. Again, if LL had approched this from the point of asking instead of telling I would of been much more comfortable. I wouldn't of necessarily agreed (no one can forcast what those terms would of been). More so this final letter from Peter Gray I found to be dismissive of
  12. Amethyst; how do you feel this new TOS relates to the new handheld version of SL? I agree with ya so far too
  13. Well that was overly insulting. I will let the mods handle it.
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