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Yuki Ixtar

how many players does Secondlife currently have?


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Linden Lab stopped reporting statitics a long time ago, so it's really anyone's guess.  The guess is complicated, because even if we knew the total number of accounts (avatars) in SL, we'd have no way to figure out how many of those are really still in SL.  Lots of people sign up and then walk away a while later, leaving their accounts active. (We advise people to do that, in fact, so that they won't have to pay the $9.95 reactivation fee when they change their minds later.)   On top of that, many (most?) people in SL have at least one alt, so an unknown number of the active accounts are really doubles (or triples ...).

With all of that, some people really do manage to get numbers.   Here's probably the best set, from http://danielvoyager.wordpress.com/sl-metrics/ .....


  • Total registered SL residents: 32+ million
  • Total SL regions: 27, 919
  • SL Concurrency: 31, 000 – 63, 000 (average)
  • SL Daily New Signups: 13, 000 to 15, 000 per day (average)
  • SL Daily median concurrency: 15, 000
  • Active SL users: 1 million (July 2012)

- As of 21st January 2013


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