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Blender tutorials for Second Life

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hihi there's tons of them on youtube. i like the collection Gaia Clary made of them. Just make sure you are useing the same version her tutoral is for does not need to be exact but in my case i had to relearn alot when i went from 2.49 to 2.63. and 2.6 tuts work fine for my version and it works like 75% better then my old version did.

hope this helps ya


 looks like most hers are 2.49b and it worked great for me but it crashes and freeze when im saving high vertices models with max amount faces alowed 2.63 saves so fast i didnt think it was workin when first used it .

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Okay let me give you and everyone else who feels the need to start modeling with blender some links at hand that are really helpful:

For learning Blender in general and how to model, do UVs, LODs, materials and everything else you should have a look at blendercookie it is one of the best pages you can come across:


Next I'd advise to have a visit at Polycount and Polycount forum, here you will learn a lot of the ins and outs of modeling and optimization as far as limiting your polycount goes as well as learning the raw basics and knowledge behind everything. modeling, normals, displacement, smoothinggroups, poly- / vertices- and faces- counts, topology, edgeflow  and many more things... 

Because knowing what everything is  /and does and how to achieve certain things- is a good step towards being able to produce "useable" content. (and there is a lot to know  ^.- )


Next: (as Branda also mentioned )Gaia Clary has made a really nice tutorial series on youtube about meshes, up to rigging clothing items etc. I keep refering it to people who are new at it because Gaia explains it very simple and understandable.

Most of it is made for Avastar the Blender-Modding Product they are selling but they contain a lot things which are applying also in general. Its definitely worth to watch for beginners (especially since everything is being set towards modeling or rigging for SL in certain):


For more usage and knowledge about Blender i can also suggest visiting Blender-Guru. Here you will find also many helpful tutorials:


Furthermore for menues, functionalities and Help here is the official Blender-Wiki:

Apart from all of the above: Google is your best friend and a good advise: learn as much as you can and practice practice practice.. and keep optimization in mind, because a usable outcome is what counts rather then something that will have an incredible amount of landimpact and memory impact on everyone who has to render it =)

One last tip: to test your meshes ( no matter if rigged, physic or static models) use the enable Grid-Login option of your viewer and log in to the Aditi Grid / also named Beta-Grid. Here you will be able to upload your builds without actually spending your real SL money on them. And once it is stable and in its final state you can upload it in main secondlife.
(this will save you a lot Linden, especially since mesh uploads - depending on vert/faces count, physics, normals and LODs can be a lot more expensive then just the usual 10 Linden for an image) (how to get into the testgrid ? - you can find many helpfull infos about that on this forum and here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Preview_Grid)

Hope this helped you to get started.

Greets, Code

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4008 days.

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