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  1. Aluviel Nakamura wrote: I am a business woman and I just knew that you were going to rip my texture into photo shop the minute You asked for it! You didnt NOT have permission to do this!!!!!!!!YOU should have asked before doing so!!!!!!! I AM EXtremely angry............Dont you have any respect or common sense? I dont care if you thought you were helping or not........You major stepped over the line by doing what you did. That reminds me of a story me Uncle Mick once told. Seems he was sitting in a pub in the wee hours when a gentleman came limping and stumbling in, moaning and groani
  2. Celena Galli wrote: I have already search on marketplace but I cannot find what I want Did you know 1) Where I can find a script that close the hud? I mean I have make a hud with an X button for when I press it th hud close or remove itself from my screen. 2) Where I can find a script that plays sound when I move my mouse over the button? not to play sound on touch, only when i pass the mouse over the button. Disregarding the previous postings about HUDs in general, this is not really the correct forum to continue a search from the Market Place. Here we discuss HUD'
  3. 3.) Let us not overlook Puppeteer ( https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Puppeteer-Free-Edition/176832 ) or any number of prim animation scripts ( Google sl prim animation script )! Though originally written for prims, one can do very convincing linked mesh animations if care is taken in crafting the joints, and thoughtfully combining both scripted part movement with texture animations can make for some awesome animations.
  4. This one got me started and has helped many as well- http://www.gryllus.net/Blender/3D.html
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