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  1. Well put, Aethelwine. Indeed, the ERC is a successful experiment to create a pleasant environment on Mainland open to everyone who wants to contribute, or just enjoy the place. If you feel like contributing please do ASAP. The deadline is the end of this month. If we don't get enough donations to at least reduce my tier by one region by the end of the month I'll be forced to pull the plug. Time is running short.
  2. Indeed, it's tier donors we are asking for, not money. And, unfortunately, you are right about time. Some have a hard time to understand this, but there are people willing to contribute to a community for the sole purpose of creating a nice environment. Our community is on Mainland on purpose, our challenge is to prove that a nice and cohesive environment can be built on Mainland and we proved that for the past 9 years. Through all these years I have personally bought hundreds of parcels and removed junk in our area. What used to be a dump today is a nice community appreciated by many.
  3. Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately a fund raising event would not be enough to preserve the community in the long run. We need donors willing to contribute to the community. Tier donors can be members of our Steering Committee, so they would be involved in running the community.
  4. >> In my own experience though, there often comes a time when losses have to be cut and life taken in another direction. << That is being considered, of course. Our purpose is to save what can be saved. If we won't have enough donors to save part of the community by the deadline I'll have to pull the plug.
  5. >> I do enjoy the inherant hypocrisy based humor of asking people who are not part of your elite community, to fund your elite lifestyle, especially when many of those reading this will be people your 'federation' would almost certainly eject and ban on sight for daring to set foot there, "not our sort of people at all..." and all that. << Geezz... are you serious? You are making a lot of speculations there, considering that you have no idea what our community is. FYI, people who donate tier are part of our Steering Committee and have a right to vote on any decision concerning th
  6. Alwyn, there have been a number of communities in Second Life where focus is not on business but on community buiding, of which the East River Community is a long standing one. In the case of the ERC the logic behind the community is to build a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing environment. In order to cover the full cost of such a vast community (ERC spans over about 8 regions) we would have to build and rent a massive number of rental units, and that would defeat the purpose of the community. While we do have rental units, the most of the costs are covered by land owners who have federated
  7. You got that wrong, Alwin. It's a community, not a business.
  8. Hello folks, the ERC group is going through a tier crisis and we are looking for donors. Can you please help spread the word? I have been contributing to the East River Community with large swaths of land at a considerable monthly cost for years. Many things have changed in my RL these past months and I am now in the sad position to inform you that I am no longer able to contribute to the community. I have procrastinated this decision for a long time because I was very uncomfortable with the idea of dilapidating all the hard work we all put into building our beautiful community. But, eventua
  9. Filter Forge creates procedural textures, that is textures are generated by using a node-based editor. There are a couple of alternatives out there. I recommend Allegorithmic Substance Designer. It is superior to Filter Forge and used by professionals. It's more expensive but Allegorithmic offers some very interesting buying options. You can qualify for the cheaper Indie license and can also pay with monthly payments. There are some things to consider before you buy such products: - Procedural texture editors have a steep learning curve and require a good understanding of the way filters wor
  10. The East River Community is similar to Bay City but we work with a different model. We are a federation of groups, where each group is free to manage its own land property but all adhere to a community charter setting some common rules. Anyone can join the community but new admission requests must be approved by the community's steering committee. We also prefer to have a chat with prospective new members before they buy land and file an admission request, just to make sure that the expectations are right. You can find more information here and can contact me inworld if you need additional det
  11. Blue, I believe that Linden Lab's support to Allegorithmic Substance is a direct consequence of the rendering engine they have chosen to run Project Sansar on. Both Unity and the Unreal Engine support Substance by default. And the fact that Unity supports C# as a scripting language makes me guess that Unity is the engine picked by LL for Sansar...
  12. Danger, actually I am surprised that you ask because it should be obvious. Well, ok... asking never hurts... As one of the founders of a community (East River) that is located on mainland by choice, I can tell you that there are several factors: history, geography, sense of community, identity, friendship, large contiguous land that doesn't restrict activities, room to expand an ever evolving community, cost. One of our initial motivation was to preserve the heritage of the previous community of sailors located in Mowry Bay. Another important factor is being part of a large contiguous are
  13. Indeed. I am a big fan of Allegorithmic products. So much that I have created a community on Google+
  14. Ebbe, I read in interviews you gave to the press that Linden Lab is keeping an attentive eye on the development of VR devices and that you guys are talking to several companies in the field. I am sure you read that Improbable is attracting lots of interest for an innovative technology that allows to create immense virtual worlds in short time and little effort. Dave Hillier, a former Linden, works at Improbable. Not much is said about what this technology is and does, though some articles seem to imply that it allows the creation of massive procedural worlds. Is Improbable one of the companies
  15. Wow! Project Sansar will support Alegorithmic's Subtance! This is big news!
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