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how do i contact linden labs

can anyone tell me how to contact linden labs


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If you have technical issues, you can fole a case here

For billing issues, you can find the phone numbers here

Also, if you are a premium member, you will have access to a hotline - you will find the numbers in the "Support" section of the web site

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Contact details depend on what it's about.

Main contact details are available with a quick Google check, i.e.

For Billing or general Support, click the Help menu above and then either the Billing Issues or Support links on the right.


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Phone numbers no longer work!

gypsy Carfield
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hello i am gypsy carfield i make store why i pay 9,99 lindens for it 

got this paid from my bank acount can you explian me where this come from please

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ok here goes i have an account that i want to reuse butCANNOT log on to besause i forgot passwords i tried to "ring " labs but got a no answer tone as if phone not there . would someone please help as i love this sim and want to rejoin somm.


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i need to get in touch with linden labs i need the number


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As the others said, it depends why you are contacting Linden Lab.

A collection of contact information is here: Contacting Second Life/Linden Lab

Reaching the top management at the Lab is difficult. However, reaching the programmers is easy. While they are limited in what they can fix or address, they usually prove a rich source of information and often can direct you to the right person within the Lab. Check out the User Groups to find when they will be in world. See: Linden Lab Official:User Groups

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how do i find the telephone numbers for linden labs

Tilly Menges
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How can i reopen a deleted account and stolen inventory items by Linden Labs