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3D modeling in SL

So I look, and there aren't that many posts on... Building your own Avatar, and really getting through the beginning and a seriously easy tutorial for a newcomer. I haven't found anyone to really show me the ropes and I was hoping someone could help me. I've got the basics of moving down, teleporting to some degreee, But finding places is hard for me.


FIRST> Modeling.

I want to work on being able to 3D model in Second Life, and I also want to practice it for any jobs I may get in the future.

I've only worked with programs like Cinema 4D before so I have a little bit of experience modeling, but I'd love for someone to teach me.  I want to start on remaking my Avatar from... Not necessarily scratch, but to some degree I'd like to be able to build my own at some point.  I'd like for someone to help me learn how to fix my avatar, how to reshape and stuff. 

BUT MAINLY where to find a place to be able to 3D Model my avatar. I can't find the right Sandbox so I don't know what to do or where to go for it. I've tried just watching tutorials, but they never really explain how to get started, they just JUMP into it as if everyones going to be able to start right off the bat, If you do that no one can learn from your tutorial Video and thats what I have issues with. 


So I'd like it if someone helped me figure out how to maneuver around second life and where to find places to build! 

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Re: 3D modeling in SL

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When you say 3D model, do you mean make yourself a mesh avi then importing it/wearing it?


Or do you mean editing your shape in-game?

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Re: 3D modeling in SL

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If you are wanting to 3D model mesh avatars. Then that will need to be done with programs such as Blender, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Daz3D etc. etc. Not sure if Cinema 4D can do that. But you can build in world with regular prims. Right click on the ground and chose build and fumble around the basic prims to get to know building in SL.

There are a lot of Newbie starter posts for mesh modeling on the Mesh Forums @

Also look for some mesh groups to join in world such as Blender Avastar group and Mesh Volunteers where you can ask questions and get help from fellow residents.. I will be in world a lot this weekend. Feel free to hit me up And I will help you if you need it, if I can.

You should be able to find a lot of tutorials for mesh character creation on youtube


I would say your best bet to get started would be to Use Blender. It is free and frankly I think it has some of the best support out there as far as tutorials. Youtube is full of them and Many other sites. Learning is readily available.

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Re: 3D modeling in SL

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First off, your 3D modeling program has to be able to save or export Autodesk Collada Format (.DAE). Its native in Autodesk 3D Studio (what I use) others here will have to tell you if other programs can do it.

There is a FREE (Open Source) 3D Design program called 'Blender' that is supposed to work. If you have never done 3D modeling (dealing with panes, vertex, and 3 views) before your in for a steep learning curve, Bringing in your creations is pretty easy (after you take the LL Model Upload Test) as you just upload the .DAE (it can cost quite a bit of L$ for good size complex objects)

I wouldn't use a sandbox, go out and find yourself a 256sq to 512sq parcel (of course you have to be a prem member for this) You get a 512sq with the Prem Account you just have to claim it but its restricted.

You will get no where 'on the cheap' with a free account. IMHO




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Re: 3D modeling in SL

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If you are intending to model a 3D human body from scratch and import it to SL, well it surely is not an easy task.  You need to be good at 3D modelling, and you have to understand how a good human body looks like.  And you need to have the skills to design that body, rig it properly and texture it properly.

To get some idea what this involves, have a look at this excellent tutorial series:

Naturally you can adjust the SL avatar shape with SL tools (i.e. "Edit Appearance").
Right click on inventory folder, from the menu select:
"New Body Parts, New Shape"
New body shape has been created into your inventory.
Wear that and then edit appearance and start tweaking the slider values.

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Re: 3D modeling in SL

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Hi there


There many options available, specially when you're new to the concepts inworld. There are, a few options to consider, to get the hang of it. You have prims, but i would not adivse to use those to really model for a avatar. By now, with rigged mesh attachment possibilities that seems outdated.


However, with a low investment, you do have a couple of really good inworld programs. To give you basic understandment, and skill in how to model there. A few in a row that i use with good succes i want to add to that.


Mesh studio

Sculpt studio


There a few more, like Primoven and such, the just did not cut it for me as in to simple and limited in there options. It is a great way, to get introduced into the inworld expierence of modelling. I use Mesh studio all the time, and it works really like a charm. It also improves you're prim skills and gives options on how it works with the upload tab and so forth.

Sculpt studio works hand in hand these days with Mesh studio. It allows you to make more "organic" shaped objects and mesh it at the same time. This ia big plus, i know there outworld progs, that will suit you very well. But the often, have a pretty steep learning curve. And it all works with trail and error, uploads. That is were these inworld tools, come in very handy you can see a immidiate result.


I hope this helps you a little bit, sorry for my bad grammar. Also this is based on my own personal expierence.

Feel free to im me inworld, and i can show you work i did with the mentioned progs.

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