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  1. Give them time. They will add you eventually.
  2. Whoa no no nonon Instead of tossing things, just stuff everything you don't want into a box, name the box "hair" and take it back into your inventory. That way you can have 50 hairs you don't use in just one box. Don't toss stuff just because you aren't using it now. You never know what you'll get into down the road on SL and having those 'useless' hairs at your disposal later on will be helpful.
  3. The "thigh gap" thing is terribly unhealthy and nearly impossible to achieve IRL unless you are born with wide hips or have some sort of muscular deficiency. Or, simply put, you are starving yourself to death. People really SHOULDN'T be able to see a gap there. It's not healthy, and it's bad that even on a site where you can be anything, people still aspire to look malnourished. Probably one of the main reasons I made my female rp alt "chubby" (ie - average female in the US size 10/12). She looks real. Sadly, even IRL she'd be considered an "overweight model". Sad times
  4. No. They look a little creepy, but to be entirely honest, I prefer them over the awful 7'5" t-rex arm monsters of lore I have an rp alt with a Ghetto booty, v-string mesh boobs and slink hands/feet, and while she's got a lot more curve than these ladies ever will, she's also built to look 'thick'. She's black, so I modeled her off of my coworkers and friends/family, and she looks great. Obviously not everyone prefers bigger girls, but since I do technically have a degree in art (like, y'know, drawing humans) she's at the very least capable of living outside the world of SL, unlike a lot
  5. as Amethyst said, IMVU is very very very different from SL. IMVU is so standardized that it was easy to have that sort of implement in place. But with the way SL is, the only way you could leave in world reviews would be for each creator to have a guestbook out in front of their store that pulled up messages received from buyers. However most people would never see these, they'd be likely targets for griefers, or the odd bored or angry customer. If you really want to leave reviews, buy the item from the marketplace and leave reviews there.
  6. The only place explicitly for RP are the RP sims. Otherwise everyone else is more or less playing themselves. Some consider their avatar to be a 'character' that they play, others don't really care and act how they normally do.
  7. You aren't going to find one. Most medieval rp sims are about realism, and even if they have fantasy elements, they are very strict about appearances. Even on one of the rp sims I frequent as a furry, the do not allow anime avatars simply because they 1) creep people out and 2) do not look realistic by any stretch of the imagination. Either, do as I do on sims that do not allow furs, and create a specific RP avatar, or just look for a different genre that might not care about appearances.
  8. This isn't a job app. RP is literally "my character is X he comes from [some vague background] and his personality is Y" and you just like go You did way too much man all you need is a group tag like chill out
  9. Just make an avi that looks like a potato and you're good to go. Good luck!
  10. Shape - what your avatar looks like in terms of bodytype. Height, 'weight', muscles, hand size, face shape - whatever. These can be changed with the sliders when you go to Edit Avatar. My advice to you is this: do not wear the new mesh avatar shapes right now. They are not friendly to new users, and they DO NOT have much clothing for them. (also, you can't change anything, so you look like everyone else) Creators aren't worrying about them right now, so your best bet is to just wear the system shape. Right click in your inventory and hit "Create new shape" and you'll be able to make your
  11. If you're trying to make this avi for rp don't make your boobs bounce you'll just look like a freakin idiot and nobody will rp with you. If you wantboobs that don't look like polygons, get mesh boobs. Be aware it's a pain in the ass to buy clothes for them. You're better off just making your girl a B cup and saying to hell with it.
  12. Why is there an autoplay on the site? Why does the autoplay reset each time you refresh or open a new page? Why is there a requirement to sign up before looking around the forums? What's the point of linking the site at all when it's so useless?
  13. SL Kids are RL adults, so I'm at a loss where this 'not okay' factor is supposed to come in. Everyone is an adult, and besides a few annoyances, most kid avis I've known have better grammar and speech than many 'adult' avis. They talk about stuff from when they were born IRL most times - movies, music, games, cars, whatever. Your interests are their interests. They are just smaller. If hanging around with older people was an issue for kid avis, nobody would get adopted or get a family, because suddenly they are surrounded by gobs of older people (that aren't really blood family - GASP - )
  14. I'm a furry avi 90% of the time when I'm not RPing at non-furry-friendly RP places. I'm not playing a role when I'm in my usual avi. I just am. When I'm RPing (as a human), however, I'm playing a role. I don't consider people Role Playing unless they're IC on a RP sim, but that's just me eta: replied to the wrong person, sorry! ^^;
  15. I guess my issue is a lot of older guys seem to figure if a young girl is talking to them for any reason, she must then be after his junk. Thus the reason for the 'uncomfortable feeling'. You wouldn't be uncomfortable if you didn't assume.
  16. I never said the folk who hate kids must have something wrong, just that they, like the OP, think the person playing the kid must have something wrong. OP saw an innocent chat as a proposition for something R rated - for what reason?? In my personal experience with this kind of hate (as I too, was once a child avi), those who didn't like me on their sims (even in G rated forest themed places for photos, mind you), are the types who assume because I'm playing a kid, I must be sick in the head.
  17. Over the years, I've found time and time again that the only people who hate or are creeped out/sickened by Child Avis are those who participate deeply in the adult culture of SL and consider everything on SL to be adult - no matter the theme or area they live in/run. To them, since everything has an underlying sexual nature, they can't possible conceive any reason why an Adult like themselves would like to play a child, and their mind immediately goes to "they must be a pedophile". This is not the case, but I've found this is always the reason for the prejudice.
  18. What gender clothes are you looking for because "Mesh jeans" shows up like hella stuff in search. What search words are you using?
  19. Be a satyr. If the fur goes up high enough, you don't need pants.
  20. What you fail to realize about 'realistic' rp is that even in those strict settings, nothing makes much sense. In DE for example, a weekly weather report is out every few days, and the sim announces the current weather when you tp in, yet I see all the women running around in mini skirts in 40 degree weather and the guys in tank tops and jeans and nobody's complaining about the cold. I see people rp sobering up in one post (from sloshy drunk to perfectly accurate at throwing punches and doing roundhouse kicks). There's literally nothing going on that keeps me immersed, but that in
  21. There was an Urban city RP with the entire build made from custom mesh and the storyline was compelling and they allowed straight up furries (realistic, cartoonish, whatever) even if they didn't fit within the 'realistic city' theme. I remember I was looking around and there was this lime green and black husky firefighter talking with a regular human guy and like nobody even batted an eye. It was perfectly fine. And I loved it. However that placed closed due to poor management and inner bickering. I've yet to find a modern urban rp that allowed furries in since. It's sad, really.
  22. You guys are talking about teens building their own sims / locations like it's easy to get a hold of $300 a month for someone still in HS and obviously not working full time. Hell, even at my age with my income, sims are an impossible feat for me. My 1400 prim land at 1500 L$ a week is pretty much the max I can spend comfortably. The only active G rated lands I've ever been to were catered to SL Kids, who are most often RL adults.
  23. FATEwear - just use search it's the only thing that pops up They have a wide line of jeans with various waist differences (low, med, high) with at least 3 different fits and several styles.
  24. A sim owner can ban anyone from their sim for any reason.. Sim owners who are so worried about ageplay on their sims usually ban shorter (ie: realistic) avatars to be safe. Personally, everyone I ever knew who played an underage avi clearly stated it in their profile. All my avatars, alts and all, are of regular height and fairly short on the scale of things. I've personally never run into the height issue on any sim, but I know people who have. Honestly? Just find different sims to visit.
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