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  1. Any viewer/client will operate with w8. Simply put, all the clients are based on the same coding. Just with differences in the way it is used and adapted (UI wise and such) @Roling Intel chipsets suck to begin with period...whoever is still playing with a old intel driven gpu should really just buy a new computer lol!
  2. Glow does not work on huds...as it's not supported. There couple limitations if it comes to huds..
  3. Mesh enabled is for any script available, just set your build to no shape, and set the few prims that hit the floor (wheels and such) to a shape. Ever since mesh got introduced, LL allowed it the 32 limit is long gone :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: No need for "cheats", here is how i do it myself all the time, and feel free to hop over to my inworld shop to test drive them. I use KCP scripts, and i can do it with any script out there... *Seems to be whenever i use your parts i get a script error "Cannot enable physics" * This problems is due to the fact that Linden Labs limited the amount of physical prims you can have (32 prims) This has been ever since LSL/Linen lab started second life. Solution The easy way is to fix this problem 1 Link your build, now with mesh Linden lab allows you to set shapes (convex hull, prim, none). By using this method. You can actually up the limit to 256prims (linkset limit) to make it work! 2 Once linked, go into EDIT, and FEATURE , select shape (NONE) it will pop a error. Saying that the root needs to have a shape. This is NORMAL, and good, now basicly you have 1 prim that will be "seen" by the physics server/engine. Thus your vehicle will function. 3 Either make a seperate prims that you use as a base, or simply give every prim (mind the prim count) a shape that hits the floor. Or else your vehicle will do weird things (go through floors what not) so make sure you assign prims hitting the simfloor to a shape. *I see various options, like gravity, weight what not how do i work with this and DOES it work* Yes it DOES work, and i encourage anyone building vehicles to tweak/play with it. It only has effect on prims that HAVE A shape, and thus the physical prims of your build. Just select each prim in the linkset (edit linked prims) and toy with it. This kind of covers it on that.... NOTE: most use KCP scripts these days, the have a script in the pack to enable it. I URGE you NOT to use it, but just do it as i said. This way it will NEVER ever FAIL. And it saves you one script in the vehicle, so keeps counts lower. Enjoy ! *NOTE* i send this note out to my friends, and customers in my group as i mesh/sculpt bike parts all the time. If you get KCP, just edit them to fit your needs, i suggest to look deep in to the script, there over 600 lines you can cap, not to mention play with the whole vehicle routine. Play with the weights of the prims, and friction you can get every bike to drive with a unique setting that way. Up to link limits 256prims :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  4. Well i would use llsensor to detect a foreign object around me, much like a agent scanner would do. Just set for detecting prims.. Might be better methods tho like you described here..
  5. Hi there There many options available, specially when you're new to the concepts inworld. There are, a few options to consider, to get the hang of it. You have prims, but i would not adivse to use those to really model for a avatar. By now, with rigged mesh attachment possibilities that seems outdated. However, with a low investment, you do have a couple of really good inworld programs. To give you basic understandment, and skill in how to model there. A few in a row that i use with good succes i want to add to that. Mesh studio Sculpt studio SLOFT There a few more, like Primoven and such, the just did not cut it for me as in to simple and limited in there options. It is a great way, to get introduced into the inworld expierence of modelling. I use Mesh studio all the time, and it works really like a charm. It also improves you're prim skills and gives options on how it works with the upload tab and so forth. Sculpt studio works hand in hand these days with Mesh studio. It allows you to make more "organic" shaped objects and mesh it at the same time. This ia big plus, i know there outworld progs, that will suit you very well. But the often, have a pretty steep learning curve. And it all works with trail and error, uploads. That is were these inworld tools, come in very handy you can see a immidiate result. I hope this helps you a little bit, sorry for my bad grammar. Also this is based on my own personal expierence. Feel free to im me inworld, and i can show you work i did with the mentioned progs.
  6. Yup indeed, i suggest for people using this to change the speed a little as follow Line 80 and 86 the vectors change it too <-0.15,0.0,0.0> This seems to be more coherent with most walk animations. :matte-motes-delicious:
  7. Really cool scripting right here, why use this tho? It seems more complex then a NPV and that does basicly the same? What is the big difference? That being said, great job
  8. Multisculpt, as in 1 primmed sculpts with multiple shapes ... For instance sculpt studio uses a boundrybox *retangled* that affects the real shape of a sculpt What i ment is sculpt 2 cubes with it like so. CUBE------------CUBE The dotted line is air, so with SS using the pole slices to do that. When i drop prims on that i see that the BOUNDRY box is for sure retangled were it suppose to fall through on the floo. I will try to post few pics when i have time to show what i ment..
  9. Correct me if im wrong here, by my knowing the sculptie there, its boundry box gives its actual shape so that means retangle unless you defined it different with your sculpttool (depends on what tool used). With multi sculps like i suggest above this post, what are your result? If you are willing to try that please post them
  10. Has to do with poles, being used to create "air" between sculpts. It rezzes as a sphere (the torus is just a stitching option) not the shape of your mesh. I use this method in one of my products, try this easy to test. Sculpt 2 prims like so. CUBE-------------------------CUBE then sculpt it, or upload the map as so. You cannot walk inbetween the line you will see when yor boundrybox makes contant. walk around it pushing it, you will see its a sphere.:matte-motes-asleep-2: (as i use sculptstudio) unless with phantom. There is properly a way to eliminate that but i have not found that as of yet.
  11. Sculpts only support basic physics shapes (sphere and such) meshes support mulilateral physics shapes...so far i know. You want proof? Well none i can give you, just my expierences and reading material on that.
  12. well the good news is, it is not the grid or sims your hanging in. Such "lag" is by my knowledge purely client-based. Mind you the following is pure speculation. Your system could be to FAST, i remember a Jira/bug like that if your system is of overdo proportions (like yours is) It might totally screwup in various ways. Just like some fast vidcards (crossfire for instance) cause artifacts and no rendering of your avatar (nice ATI bug do not know if the fixed that? Properly so been few years) Try to tweak your settings, reminder and this i not a genious comment but this a fistrule. No matter what CPU, gig on ram you got. Your vidcard is the bottleneck/troublemaker 9 out of 10 times. Try the preferences (ctrl+p) and set you graphics to CUSTOM, then everything OFF and lowest. Then add bit by bit options as reflections and such. It could be that your card is having some trouble with with a certain type of rendering the viewers uses atm. I hope you get it solved. mind you this is purely subjective (what i would do to find a eventual problem) it is for sure the sim your in is ok so its on your end this problem. That is 1 maybe eliminated, goodluck and keep us posted EDIT: Conserning your inet speed its good enough, i live in thailand worste i-net you can imagine here on Koh samui island. 4mbit and not even stable i manage to play sl with normal speed So for sure that is more then enough speed your line. Sl does not require even that much on mbit.
  13. Hello there I do understand how you feel, but i want to say something not as a customer but as a merchant. I sell close to 70 product online and inworld and with succes may i add. So i think i can share some of my expierences (i rarely buy) If it is any comfort to you, the genuine merchants are victim aswell by ppl like you mention in your post ( i need to be carefull it is not nice burning someone's business i have no expierence with) The thing is most customers i get are so far very pleased with the way i handle things like this morning i read there were some technical diffculitiies with marketplace. I wokeup and found tons of notecards (28 to be prevcise) of customers that bought something last night and never got it. I took care of it at once and gave the customers what is there rightfull property. I just want to give you a few tips here for the nextime, because LL will NOT intervene with your grief. The simple reason is the would needs tons of ppl to anwser ALL those complaints. Plus it is a open market so you buy always at your OWN RISK. Mind you tho that merchants have risk TOO, the times that ppl tried to convince me the never got there product is countless. While the did get it (TIP MERCHANTS GET A EMAILER SCRIPT I PROVIDE THEM FOR FREE) ideal! the rezz it you know it. Anyway, the only tip i can give you, try to contact the merchant or its staff in a POLITE and NORMAL fashion way. Often customers go totally crazy over a 50cent product the never got, be polite, calm , controlled. This eases the problem to a swift solution. Bumping heads with a store is never good mojo the simply ignore you. If that has no results, write a 1 star review! And clearly write down what happend and why you rate it so low. This useually helps to get the merchants attention. Nexttime properly best tip i can give you when you buy something get some information of friends or even check the marketplace. See how its producline holdsup (reviews and ratings) not that it is all saying beware of that. Reviews can be easly cheated, by alts or friends of that particular person so keep a open mind. That is all i can say aobut it, it is ashame tho that such merchants make it a way harder job for guys like me too. I had customers before when i fixed there non delivered item that the go " wow never had that good service" and thats suprising! Because it sohuld be like that. Customer is king afterall you make sure i can keep on going as i keep on going for you all to make a near cheap product. But thats just me.. I hope oyu get your cash back, but i would not count on it to much :C
  14. Yes it is possible, but if its profitable? No idea, if you look at the marketplace there tons ot televsions in the adfult section that support adult movies )saw anot had about 70 movies even( Most ppl preffer ot sit at there own parcel watching such movies. I mean you can set something like that up is easy enough, but consider the cost you will have *landtiers, scripter or televsion that has adult enterainment on it.) Or if you stream yourself on resources *pc and such* No need to have extensive script know how either. there always ways to get what you want the easy way in second life. Goodluck with your business venture!! :smileyvery-happy:
  15. Mmmm it is intressting to read the Op i do not get it totally here i might missed few postings on limiting as such. Thing is there few funny things that i observe as contentcreator/ longtime resident of that amazing world we call second life. 1 Most ppl lack creativity 2 The rather buy the nice templated stuff and pretend the are creative (sort of a imposter to me) do not get me wrong good for the sculptors who sell builderskit (im one of those) If come and think of it, there not so many in MY eyes (yah i could be blind) that are remotely capable of making something decent to begin with. I mean checkout mainland (im a small estate aswell) when i look there how much CRAP there is rezzed out. And i do mean really pink hugeprim buildings that make you vomit even looking at it let alone live in. Or builds that are " prim" saving that look like complete *BEEP* to me... No offence, i do not mind the limiting of creations if it comes to that lol. But i also totally agree with the OP, there should not be any limitations on that area at all. I mean was that not what made SL so intressting to begin with ? The freedom we all have, the ability to rezz a cube and halfhour later you pooped out a entire mansion that gies you even a few dimes for the trouble here on marketplace. No personal opinion (mind you is mine in this post) no need to agree on it. Should make any difference in that or that of LL. Now i could be way off topic here because seems little bit vague the OP but yah its my opinion about our fine world. Have fun ..:smileywink:
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