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i have XSL but need XML to run catznip
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i haverun a trobleshoot that say i have XSL but need XML to run catsnip it keeps saying i need XML to run catznip. when i go to login it finishes loading crashes and says the file is corrupt 

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I think, before trying anything else, you need to do a complete uninstall of Catznip, then delete  (if you're using Windows 7) in C:\Users\<windows name>\AppData\Local\Catznip and C:\Users\<windows name>\AppData\Roaming\Catznip (you can move your chat logs from there, temporarily, if you want to save them).

Then go back to the Catznip website and download the latest version and reinstall it.   See if you can start it again.

If not, it would really help to know exactly what the error message says -- maybe you could take a screenshot of it.

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To start with XML is simply a data markup language specification and it is used everywhere. It's nothing you per see have. All modern operating systems have XML support in them by benefit of the various programs we use every day. This includes but is not limited to virtually any Microsoft product, all Internet Viewers, SecondLife Viewers and so on.

So your PC has 'XML'

If you are receiving any error message from your viewer installation process or the viewer itself about XLM not being present then you have a much more serious issue with your PC that needs to be resolved before trying to complete the installation of or use any SecondLife Viewer.

A corrupt XLM dll file usually means:

1) Your PC Hard Drive may be failing and a critical OS dll file is damaged. [.dll files have the basic code for reading XML data]

2) Your PC is infected by a virus or Trojan Horse.

3) Other

Please have a trained technician examine your PC for these issues.


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I think I'm missing something here.  Why do you need either one? Catznip works the same way any of the SL viewers do. Download it, install it, click on the icon on your desktop, and log in.

if you meant something different, click on the Options link in the upper right corner of your question and select EDIT to add clarifying information. Please do NOT start a new thread.

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