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how do i find someone

How do I locate a specific member?

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Type their name in "search", open their profile and click to start an IM, then in the IM box type...Hey,  where are you? Smiley Happy

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do you mean like 'how to locate them in-world'? *meows*

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You cannot actually 'locate' them on the map inworld unless they have allowed you to do so by checking/ticking the 'show location' box next to your name on their friends list.  That is, you must be friends first and then agree to do this.  But, if they are your friend, you do not need to know where they are, do you?  You can just ask them if you are curious.

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If the person you want to locate is not on your friends list, you may not actually be able to find him or her using search. If the person has chosen to not show in search he or she won't show up in results.

You could always try walking around the grid, showing people you meet a picture of the person and ask 'Do you know where I can find this person'?

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Hello mwhei. You must to use the Search in World. In Viewer 2 is at the right top corner beside the magnifying lens. You tyre there the name of the user you want to find --> Enter. When the search's window opens, you click on the 2nd Tab called "People". That's all if i understood right your question.

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