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How do I cash out lindens to rl bank account?
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How do I cash out to rl bank account in Poland?

Is Virwox legit (and do they cash out to Polish accounts) or do I have to use Lindex? I got an impression that Lindex only uses paypal, I don't want paypal.

Where can I find list of legit exchanges?

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Hello 01 and welcome to SL Forums. You can find the list with all the Third-Party Exchanges at the following link:


Read carefully the pink frame:

NOTE: The third party exchanges in the list below work with Linden lab to keep Residents safe by using the Exchange Risk API. Linden Lab tries to ensure that only high-quality resellers are listed here, but does not endorse any of these resellers and accepts no responsibility for their actions. If you have trouble with any of these resellers, please email Linden Lab and we will address your complaint with the reseller and potentially remove them from this list.

I have 2 friends who use virwox without problems so far. On the other side, it is suggested to make all your transactions through LindeX™ Exchange (if it is possible).

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Go to the Linden Exchange area found on the left side of your dashboard.  Click on manage then select sell.  I use the second sell option ---gives choice of exchange rate, usually around 249L to USD is quick. Once the sell order is filled by LL you will be notified.  Then you need to go back to the Linden Exchange/Manage and select Process Credit to actually get the proceeds sent to you.  It is there you will find the option for using PayPal. or funds wired.  I have always used paypal.  Having funds recieved from LL to my PayPal account takes as little as 24 hours or up to one week...but usually 4-5 days

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VirWox is a legitimate Third-Party Currency Exchange, and they do exchange L$ for Euros. Linden Lab does not endorse or guarantee the quality of service from other exchanges, however, and as a SL resident that's about all I can tell you. You will need to go to their web site ( https://www.virwox.com/ ) for information about rates and terms.  

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