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Rebake region button

I have this Rebake region button right in the middle of my screen (closer to the bottom), how do I move it or better yet just get rid of it?

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Re: Rebake region button

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Pathfinding UI Elements

Note that other residents editing pathfinding objects on the same region may create pending changes to the navmesh. When this occurs, all residents on the same region and with build rights will see the appropriate SLURL bar icons and rebake region button.

Pathfinding Icons in SLURL Bar

The SLURL bar indicates the three pathfinding states of the current region.

  1. Navmesh is up-to-date The current region's navmesh is up-to-date. No icon is shown as this is the expected default state.
    Second Life URL Bar with Up-to-Date NavMesh Icon
  2. Navmesh has pending changes The region has pending changes that have not yet been baked into the navmesh. A pathfinding icon with a construction symbol is shown.
    Second Life URL Bar with Pending Changes Icon
  3. Dynamic pathfinding is disabled The region has dynamic pathfinding disabled. Pathfinding characters will not work as expected. A pathfinding icon with a disabled symbol is shown.
    Second Life URL Bar with Pathfinding Disabled Icon

Rebake Region Button

When a region has pending changes, the appropriate icon will be shown in the SLURL bar, as described above. In addition, if the user has build rights for any parcel on the current region, the user will also be able to see a "Rebake region" button that displays above the lower toolbar.

Second Life Rebake Region button that allows permitted users to rebake pathfinding changes into the navmesh

When the user clicks this button, a request is sent to the region to rebake the navmesh for the current region. As rebaking a region may be a time intensive process, the button will change to indicate "Region is rebaking" during this server process. After the rebaking is complete, this button on the viewer will vanish.

Second Life Region is Rebaking button that indicates that the current region is rebaking its navmesh

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Re: Rebake region button

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Thank you for the reply, but I found all that. I guess my concern was the statement:

As rebaking a region may be a time intensive process,

I was hesitant to click the button due to the amount of people around. (About all I do in SL is go to live events.) I am thinking that something that is time intensive and is a server process is going to cause lag, and I did not think that was a good idea. But it looks like the only way to get rid of the button is to click it. I guess my only other question would half to be asked of LL, if someone updates something on a region (server), why does everyone need to do there own update. If a new prim or avatar or something shows up, I don't need to click an update button to see them, so why this.

Oh well, I have never been accused of being good at this game.

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Re: Rebake region button

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Currently only people using the pathfinding viewer will get the region reset button when some thing changes, that is likely to change.  First avatar to click it clears it for ever one else.  At least in the region I'm in this seams to only take 2 to 3 seconds to update, may take longer if there's lots of changes at one time, haven't tried with lot of changes so don't know.  My alt was able to move around during the reset.  Rezzing objects and new avatars in my test didn't trigger an region reset.  Last night while testing my viewer would freeze for a few seconds (5 to 10) every time I made any change in the linkset window, I didn't notice that today.

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Re: Rebake region button

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My Region is rebaking button is not going anywhere... that is really annoying! I want to get rid of the button alltogether. I cannot even press it, because it´s grayed out. sheesh
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Re: Rebake region button

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I pressed the famous "Rebake my region" button about 2 weeks ago...... and my whole place is lagging, I can't do anything, in fact, I've lost alot of lindens due to it.  Nobody gave me a notice how to turn the damn thing off.  Answer please?


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