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  1. I have gone to a couple places that I never even found the venue, I’m not real good at this Second Life thing.
  2. I always click both boxes, always. And I still see no copy items, but I don't think they are the gacha items, just no copy things, and not a lot of them but still...
  3. Wow, you think that’s a reasonable price. Well prices do keep going up and up, and I had to go look at my ledger and I was right, I have not done my monthly linden purchase since March. I guess now my SL will be more like RL, I’ll spend a lot of time in blue jeans (that I already have), and I don’t have a problem with that. With a 90K inventory i have clothing. When I shop on the market place I enter a top limit to the price I will spend, and its around 250L or so, so anything higher priced than that I just don’t see. And I don’t do no copy, but still get a lot of no copy in what I do see, that check box does not work very well.
  4. (I did bolding) Yes, my point exactly, thank you.
  5. To me, the “conveyor belt” thing makes gacha look like child's play. Having your mark locked in knowing the next one will be the big one would be like a dream come true. IMHO
  6. Back in 2019 my SO and I spent around $1200 updating our vaccinations, they had no problems with any of them and none with the two Moderna shots we got. I on the other hand always have a reaction to shots, and my two Moderna shots were no different than any other vaccine I have ever gotten, slightly sore for a couple days, and that’s it. And when I got my second shot they told me it usually has grater reaction than the first shot, I found just the opposite.
  7. Its more being signed in to MP than being on MP. I never sign in until I’m ready to purchase something, then I sign in, make my purchase, and sign out. That eliminates most of what I think your seeing, you need to be signed in to see SLex things, and a lot more, but that does not interest me so I sign in purchase and sign out, cleans up what you see considerably.
  8. I have never stopped using flexi hair. My hair is from Zero Style and I still get complements on it.
  9. My viewers of choice were Imprudence and Emerald. Emerald got banned and Imprudence turned into Kokua and I have been using mostly that from its beginning. My thought when reading this thread was, wow I’ve been using Kokua that long, sweet! I tried Niran’s viewer in the past and loved that but then it was deleted and is now Black Dragon and I can’t use that one, its to complicated, to me anyhow. And now I’m running Linux Mint Cinnamon and that leaves out a number of viewers that don’t support Linux.
  10. No you can't have my stuff when I leave, and with SL looking like that I would be gone rather quickly.
  11. I’m very surprised Tonic is not listed. I don’t have any problem finding clothing even being as picky as I am. I tried a demo of the top bodies but the Tonic Fine just rang my bell.I guess I would have other bodies if I had the money for it, but my Tonic body, and head from Tonic, have me completely satisfied. The bottom line, its good to have choices.
  12. The other day I got something sent to me, nothing to do with a secret Santa, but not knowing the person I deleted it. Got it again the next day and deleted it again, I’m not a trusting person. That said, I have several times over my years in SL deleted something and almost right away seen in group chats, don’t open so and so. So apparently deleting things has served me well over the years.
  13. I packed up my sky box and abandoned my Log Home getting ready for the stilts. That was several days ago. Was looking at the “get your home - page” and saw a House Boat, I haven’t had one so I got it to just look, I never liked the narrow slips that most of them have. Well I got a 32 x 32 on Lake Breeze and now have a Yacht sitting next to it, you’ll have fun with the stilts, I think I’ll just stay here for a while. LOL, one less person grabbing at stilts.
  14. I let a Log Home in Moleborough go a little while ago and picked up a Trad in Montag. When I abandoned my house I found one item that did not belong to me. I have no idea what it was but I had land set to only me so I don’t even know how it got there. But I recognized the name from one on my security orb as someone that lives near by. Check your land from time to time to see if something has been added by someone else.
  15. Well, I'm on page one so I guess its time for an update...
  16. No, Second Life would not survive ending free accounts, no. But, if the low end was something like $10 a year and then Premium at what it is now, then maybe, a really big maybe. Have the low end not get all the perks that premium gets, like a Linden Home and more groups. This could benefit the players by keeping the riffraff and griefers away. But I think the initial drop in users would be devastating. I have two Premium accounts now but will be dropping one back to free on next renewal, and if I lose that account if I don’t stay premium, I’ll be PO’ed big time, I’ve spent a lot of money on her!
  17. Although the video Rowan posted is informative, looking it up, its almost a year old. Be sure to demo any body your interested in and keep in mind most if not all have been updated from what is shown.
  18. Sure, its not the most played song but surly the most requested song is Cows with Guns, and right behind it is a cute little ditty about some hot little kitty. Just had to set the record straight.
  19. I’m almost 13 years old and music is my number one thing in Second Life, and this I have never heard, in or out of Second Life.
  20. I’m very bad at decorating, and beyond that I don’t like it. So I bought a barn, and that is where I live. Its modify so I have been having fun with it. I have very little in my LH and I see lots of other empty homes in Belli. And when at my sky barn, over 3000m high, and extend my draw distance, wow, everyone loves a sky box, they are everyplace.
  21. Well shucks, LOL, I was hoping for more prims and its just a rezzer problem. Thanks for the answers.
  22. Down the road from me are a couple plots that have a mailbox but no houses. I have walked onto the land and can see they are owned by Residents. If you delete the house do you get more prims, or is something else going on here. (its not just one day, its been several weeks like this)
  23. I have had no problems with my Ryzen 7 1800X along with my nVidia GTX 1060, and I run both Windows 10 and Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.3 on my system. I keep my draw distance set to what I am doing, in my house I don’t need it very high at all, 96 is normal. But even setting it really high to look around Bellisseria I have never crashed. I don’t remember the last time SL crashed on me.
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