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  1. The nails with my mesh body are just not long enough. So looking around I found some mesh nails with very long to very short and lots of colors all in one package. But even though I was looking for longer the longest in the package are just to long, for me, but the next length down are perfect. So now I have what I would call talons and I mostly keep them turquoise, I’ve gotten more comments about my nails than anything else about my avatar. I don’t notice designs or shorter nails on others and thinking about it, I never cam in to examine anybody. Over the years that has always caused way to much drama.
  2. I am just a user, I look at search for someplace to go, not post for others. The absolute biggest problem came about with the new format where you only see a few listings on screen and a lot of dead space. Loosing the older listing format where you can actually see what is listed was a dreadful loss. With the older format you could look at the listing and not need to scroll for hours to see what is scheduled. A lot of the span was caused by the new format, people think they need to post over and over to catch your attention since you see so little on your screen. Making five or more lines for one Event listing was useless and just asking for trouble. (and you got it!) I have never used Firestorm but seeing the listing posted by Jaylinbridges I may need to give it a try. I always use Kokua but for some reason Events was removed from the viewer search, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! And because of that I was left with “useless” or “bloated” to look for places to go, and for me that was terrible, about the only thing I do in SL is go to Live shows, and I just don’t do much of that anymore, and I see the format change to search as at least part of the problem.
  3. Unreadable display names. Wish it were a fad but doubt its going away.
  4. Yes, don’t go back in time to look for clothing for a modern mesh avatar. The clothing looked bad then and to think it will look any better now on a modern mesh body is mindboggling.
  5. Its a conversation, I’m not insulted. LOL, I used BoM and put on 45 layers of skin.
  6. Your first sentence, your right, makes no sense. Your second sentence, I am making no demands, I am saying that is something I don’t like about it, I’m demanding nothing. As of right now I can just not use it, and if that does not change... Your third sentence, well, now you get it, if it can’t make my dinner, what good is it. /s Your next paragraph, I’m not saying anything about how it should have been done or how it should work, only that it is appearing to me to be very invasive into what does work, and I would regret that. And next, naysayer, I did say “I do see some good to it, but only in addition to what we have”, I just don’t want to be forced into using it. It does fix some problems, alphas clashing I hear, if I don’t half to use it then its a good thing. And the last part, you appear to be addressing the OP. (?) But your last line, “the whole problem is, there is a fundamental misunderstanding of what BoM is”. Don’t stop there.
  7. This thread is a bit over my head, but... My first rule in dressing is go mesh, all the way. If I can find a mesh bra to go under my top, even if I don’t like it all that much, that is what I will wear. My second rule in dressing is use appliers if materials are used. To me materials are very important for appliers. That is my major dislike of BoM, no materials. I saw someone say that someone has a workaround but I have not been able to find it, so I’ll believe it when I see it, and I haven’t. And my third rule in dressing that overrides all other rules is, if it needs an alpha look for something else to wear. Granted I’m just a dumb user, but I have rules and I attempt to follow them. To the tune ‘War’... BoM, huh, what is it good for, absolutely nothin. Well maybe not that bad, I do see some good to it, but only in addition to what we have and not as a replacement. Not that that is the intention, I don’t know, but if it is I will never update my avatar ever again. And if that is not possible then I’m back the Linden Lab Classic avatar, if I’m going to look bad at least it will be free.
  8. You appear to like coffee here... It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the Beans of Java that thoughts acquire speed, the hands acquire shaking, the shaking becomes a warning. It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion. “Unknown”
  9. Wow, nicely done! And you got rid of your neck seam from the first photo.
  10. Have you looked at <UTILIZATOR> - Normie Head. Its only 500L and is modify. I did not see your photo before I posted, but I think Normie would work well for you. Just a thought.
  11. As far as the price goes, keep an eye on Akeruka, they have sales what seams like quite often. Right now their Beta BoM head is 1k, it will go up to 5k when finished. Kind of soon I think, and you will get free updates. My only mesh head I use was free from AK and after adjusting it some it looks nothing like the ad poster, I even came close to my system head that I liked, but the mesh is better (IMHO). But it is a bit of work, but I really stink at this and I managed. And my alt has a different AK head that was also free, I just don’t have the funds to go plunking down 5k for a head, but I have two avatars that have free mesh heads, and that is all they use, in fact the only heads they have.
  12. Thanks, I learned something. But I have never seen that, I don’t use makeup beyond what comes with my head, and not much of that, I’m not very good at this.
  13. As a consumer I now have my Body, Head and Viewer all updated and I like what I see. It hasn’t changed. I don’t buy skins, I like the skin I’m in, I love my Head and Body, so I am basically not paying any attention to BoM, for me, nothing has changed. And everything was free so that was good. I have and use Omega, the Materials aspect of it is what matters, Big Time What Matters, I mean, Really Big Time What Matters. So how do I do Materials with BoM? Everyplace I look I see that BoM does not support Materials, is that true? And if so, This is a step forward? Will BoM support Materials down the road? How long? I just don’t see it being of any value to me, others love it and that is great, but I don’t see me using it at all. And people talking about it fixing alpha clashing, if you need alphas, your clothes don’t fit, go shopping! And as far as complexity goes, I am almost always lower than anyone around me, always, so that part is of no help to me. Just some thoughts from a Consumer about BoM.
  14. I have two avatars, one lives in Meadowbrook (over 4 years now) and one in Bellisseria. I personally have more lag in Bellisseria than Meadowbrook. But everyone I guess is different. The houses in Meadowbrook have more open space in them, for me that is critical and why I like Meadowbrook houses better, but Bellisseria is pretty and laid out much better. I just live in my sky box in Bellisseria, in Meadowbrook I don’t need a sky box.
  15. I went to a mesh body for one reason and one reason ONLY, to get rid of alpha cuts. I don’t use them, period! Okay, if I buy something cheap that has no demo, then maybe, but most of that just gets deleted if it does not fit. You can only use clothing that is made for the body you are using. A mesh body is better but way more difficult to purchase clothing for, absolutely most of the clothing on the market will not fit your body, no matter what body you have. I consider the market broken because of this making most of the clothing usable. I have resorted to using two different mesh bodies that are kind of close to each other, that gives me a larger assortment of clothing to pick from. But I think mesh is better, its just way, way more expensive and way, way less selection of what fits
  16. I have the Maia [AK]-AKERUKA head and got a free update to BoM with redelivery. Looks like they are releasing them one head at a time as they are updated, and a number of them have already been done.
  17. I am 5.01 feet tall according to the viewer, in my 12 years I have never been banned from anyplace because of my height. But my avatar looks nothing like a child.
  18. If I use BoM and put on bra and panties, bake them in place, when I TP anyplace I will never again rez completely naked. What is baked on is like my skin, if my skin shows, my baked on lingerie shows, so never completely naked on TP again. I like BoM a little better all the time, if that is how it works.
  19. For viewers: From Kokua 6.3.0 Release Notes "The primary driver behind this release is LL’s 6.3.0 release which introduces Bakes On Mesh."
  20. Some do but its because I did not see it and there was no demo, so low linden cost mostly. And I have found you can turn off the alpha in the body HUD. But when you relog its back on, so I just don’t use them very often. But clothing I use on a daily basis has no alpha included or needed.
  21. It took me a long time to go from the Classic Avatar to a mesh avatar, but the one thing that pushed me over the edge is getting rid of ALPHA CUTS. To me, alpha cuts are for the Classic Avatar and if you need them for a mesh body, your doing something wrong. I have loads of clothing that fits. If I see clothing with an alpha I will look long and hard for something else rather than add an alpha to my body, that is what I spent loads of Linden$ to get rid of. That is how “I” look at alphas and mesh bodies.
  22. I think Bellisseria will have a negative impact on the privet rental business. I have rented before and lost my house because one reason or another having nothing to do with me. Being on Linden land and in a Linden house I feel safe that that will not happen. Oh wait, I have a house in Meadowbrook and the Linden’s are saying they are going away at some point after Bellisseria and the new homes are all in place. So not much different from renting in the privet sector, house goes away having nothing to do with me. The safety aspect of having a Linden home over the privet sector is gone, or will be.
  23. I have the Tonic Fine and it can use slink shoes. I have a lot of shoes and have never seen any that don't fit.
  24. What will become of the old Premium homes? I know they say the old homes are going to disappear but I hope it will be a long long time. I have been in my older Linden Home for years and dearly love it. I looked at the new homes and don’t like them, well I can’t really say I don’t like them, its more like I hate them. The tiny little rooms that “For Me” are completely useless, I have no interest at all in decorating, I just can’t do it. I made an alt Premium for a month and got a new home rather easily, very lucky I guess. I put up a sky box and wow do the people in Bellisseria love their sky boxes, they were everywhere! Hopefully the Lab will make future homes with more room in them, or I guess I could just leave it empty and live in a sky box. That is what my alt did for the three or four days she had her house in Bellisseria, then she abandoned it and went back to Basic.
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