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  1. My Avatar will not stop dancing. Whenever I do to another spot, I'm still dancing, even if I wasn't dancing when I was at the previous location.
  2. Hi! I can't remember how you put your notecard for your land music. I edited it, but now I don't know where to put it to change stations. Help!!!
  3. Look towards the Lord sweetie. Study up on His word and I believe that you will find peace there. I will pray for you, because you are important!!!! Much love and hugs
  4. Didn't work for me, I'm on Firestorm and a Mac.... Any help?
  5. As soon as I "updated" (I use that term loosely now) to High Sierra, my Second Life doesn't work..... I get the twirling color wheel all the time. I don't know how many times I've had to restart my computer just to get in to do necessary things and then it crashes. This STINKS. I wish I had NEVER updated to High Sierra. It is not compatible with Second Life in the least, and I don't know how many other things it affects. I've tried everything, reinstalling, cleaning, and the official "fix" is to back up all your stuff, wipe your computer clean and never install High Sierra again. But I'
  6. Thanks Whirly! I just don't know why that the instant I put High Sierra on my Mac, the problem began.... so If I have a flat inventory, why hasn't it caused problems in 7 years? I took my inventory down to half of what it used to be, and everything was fine until I "upgraded" to High Sierra, which I should have checked, but I didn't, and it has major problems with being compatible with SL.. What are your thoughts on the trouble only beginning at the exact moment I upgraded? Thanks for you insight! Bubble
  7. I asked for help and generally got instructions about redoing my inventory? She called it a "Flat Inventory." But I have no issue with my inventory loading! I'm crashing and can't rezz blah blah, but my inventory comes right on, and is loaded right away. But having large numbers of folders located directly beneath the root folder causes issues? I have no idea... She wants to disassemble my whole inventory and have me rezz certain things in a sandbox somewhere....... I'll just stay off SL till somebody fixes something.....
  8. I just updated, unfortunately, to High Sierra, and my SL won't load, doesn't rezz things, is basically a mess. But one or two times, it has acted normally. I'm so discouraged as I've been told to revert to the old OS would be like murdering my Mac, so I think that's off the table. betsybb/Bubble
  9. I'm having the same problem. I activate the listing and then it tells me that you have to pick the folder to be the main folder... I do that and it tells me that it's an error, and the name can't be blank. I've done everything - shortening the name, taking periods or commas out of the name, anything that would cause a problem ... still does it. But after I've relogged sometimes it will fix. It's so annoying!!! So that's all the advice I have, relog and see if it changes...
  10. in my marketplace store I ve had some items in the list that i delete. Now when i add a new item to marketplace and i click "add related items", the old ones i have deleted before still in the inventory. How can i remove these old items?
  11. Sometimes I don't want my friends to know that I'm online. Isn't there a way so that my name doesn't show up in their friends list or other lists so that I can be "invisible" online? Thanks so much!! betsybb Resident Bubble
  12. Ahh Thanks for the clarifications Amethyst!! Much appreciated! Bubble
  13. Here are the results: 2015 Kittycat Tiger Hideaway With Mouse and Ball Feature this item on the home page (L$899 every 7 days) Impressions 0 / 2209 / 3533 Click Thrus 0 / 0 / 8 The thing is, this was listed under "Animals." If you go under Animals category in the Marketplace, there are the same old old old featured items that are duplicated over and over and over. You'd think they'd be dying for a new item to be featured. But I didn't see mine there.... ever.. And I would think it would be pretty evident seeing as they've been showing the same items for the last year.
  14. HI!! I paid $800 something lindens to have my item featured and it's not featured..... How do I get my money back????
  15. Hi! I am a host and have had to stop since having to use Firestorm because my music is not consistent. It goes off and on and off. And sometimes I can't even get it to turn on without rebooting. Obviously I can't host like that. What the heck do I do now???? Thanks in advance!!
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