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Click  in the toolbar to open the INVENTORY window.  Use this window to manage your inventory, all the virtual "stuff" you have in Second Life, including clothes, your avatar, and other belongings.

Organizing your inventory

Note: You can't move the Library folder, Trash folders or main system folders (those with special icons like Body Parts and Objects).


You can also toggle all item types with a single click by using the All and None buttons in the Filters window. Below these is Always show folders, which displays all folders when doing a search. Unchecking it displays folders containing matches.

Tip: If ever you think you've lost inventory, check that your filters are showing everything! Try selecting Reset Filters from the Gear icon menu in the INVENTORY window.

 Working with outfits

You can save your clothing and attachments as an outfit (a folder containing everything you wish to wear). When you drag the outfit folder onto yourself, you'll instantly switch to the avatar shape, clothing, and/or attachments in the folder. 

Creating outfits is a great way to organize your inventory and makes it easy to quickly change your avatar's appearance.

To create an outfit:

  1. Attach or wear the clothing items you wish to make inito an outfit.
  2. Right-click your avatar and choose My Appearance.
  3. Click the Save As button.
  4. Enter the name of your outfit in the dialog box.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Your new outfit folder will be located in your Clothing folder in your inventory.

Making a new outfit creates an inventory link to each original inventory item in the outfit. This allows you to create multiple links to a single item. A link is shown in italics with the word (link) beside it. Each link is entirely dependent on an original item, and any changes to that item will affect all links.

If you copy an item and then modify it, links created to each copy are independent.

Note: Any item in your outfit that is no-copy is moved to the new outfit folder. Other items are copied instead.
Warning: Be careful when deleting original items if you've made links to them. Deleting an original item breaks all links to it.

Working with inventory links

An inventory link is a reference to an original inventory item. A link is entirely referential, dependent on the original, and carries no unique properties that can be modified independently of the original.  The Inventory window shows links in italics with the word (link) beside them.  

A link is different from a copy: copying an item creates a unique instance that can be copied further, and, dependent on permissions, modified or transferred.  Wheras links are references without unique properties. For example, you can rename a copied item, but you can't rename a link.

Creating a link

To create links:

  1. Wear the items for which you wish to create links.
  2. Right-click your avatar.
  3. Select the WEARING tab in the APPEARANCE window.
  4. Click Save As.
  5. When prompted, give your new outfit a name that will help you easily identify it later.

To delete a link from your inventory:

  1. Click the Inventory icon on the left side of the Viewer window.
  2. Click the My INVENTORY tab.
  3. Find the link you want to delete. It may be in the My Outfits folder.
  4. Press the Delete key or right-click the link and choose Delete.
Note: If the item is worn, choose Detach From Yourself or Take Off, then right-click again to see Delete. This throws the link in your Trash.
Important: Links are not copies! They are always dependent on original items, never the other way around. Deleting a link doesn't affect the original in any way. The reverse isn't true: deleting an item breaks all links to it.


Finding links in your inventory

Search your inventory for "(link)" to see all links.

To find the original item that a specific link is connected to, right-click the link and choose Find Original.

Inversely, if you click an original item in inventory, you can find all links pointing to it by clicking  at the bottom and choosing Find All Links.



To sort your items, click on the Gear  icon at the bottom of the window:

  • Sort Folders Always by Name: Forces your folders to display alphabetically, even if Sort by Most Recent is also selected. If you uncheck Sort Folders Always by Name, folders with the newest received items appear at the top of the list. Try sorting folders alphabetically and by date and see which method you like best.
  • Sort System Folders to Top: Selecting this option places all system folders on top.
  • Show Filters: Lets you modify and reset the current filters, showing and hiding categories of inventory items to declutter your view. You can also choose to show only items added Since Logoff or since a certain number of Hours Ago or Days Ago



Giving and receiving inventory items 

There are several ways you can transfer objects with transfer permissions from your inventory to another Resident.

Sharing with a friend

To share an item with a someone on your Friends list:

  1. Click the Inventory button on the toolbar to open the INVENTORY window.
  2. Select the item you wish to share.
  3. Click Share at the bottom of the INVENTORY window. The CHOOSE RESIDENT window opens.
  4. Choose a recipient from your Friends list. To choose more than one, hold down Ctrl while clicking additional names with your mouse.
  5. A window opens, asking you to confirm that you wish to share the item with the Resident indicated. Click Ok to complete the transfer.
  6. If the Resident is online, the item is delivered immediately. If not, it is saved to the recipient's inventory.

Sharing with any Resident

If the intended recipient is not on your Friends list:

  1. Open My Inventory and click on the item you wish to share.
  2. Click Share at the bottom of the INVENTORY window. The CHOOSE RESIDENT window opens.
  3. In the CHOOSE RESIDENT window, select the Search tab.
  4. Type part of the person's name into the search field and click Go.
  5. Choose the desired recipient from the search results, click on his or her name, and hit Select.
  6. A window opens, asking you to confirm that you wish to share the item with the Resident indicated. Click Ok to complete the transfer.
  7. If the Resident is online, the item is delivered immediately. If not, it is saved to the recipient's inventory.
Tip: You can also use the Near Me tab in the CHOOSE RESIDENT window to locate nearby Residents. If you are within view of the person's avatar, you can drag the object from your inventory directly onto the avatar or the avatar's name tag. Just be careful when using this method, as it's possible to drop the object on the wrong avatar by accident, especially in crowded areas.

Receiving an object

To prevent possible inventory losses, Second Life automatically accepts all inventory offers.  Whenever you receive an inventory item, Second Life presents you with a dialog containing the following options:

  • Show - Opens your inventory and highlights the received item.
  • Discard - Sends the newly accepted inventory item directly to your Trash folder.
  • Block - Blocks the Resident who sent you the object.

Problems with inventory

If you are experiencing inventory loss or other inventory issues, please see Advanced inventory management.

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in new body parts you can also create a new tattoo. i believe it is body part is it not?

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New Tattoo is under New Clothes, not New Body Parts.

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my bad my viewer wasnt on

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