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 If someone is abusing you through voice or text chat, the best response is to block them.

How to block a person or object

When you block another Resident or an object, you cannot:

  • See text chat, hear voice chat, or receive IMs from that person or object.
  • See particles emitted by the blocked avatar or object.
  • Receive items from the blocked object.

Likewise, a Resident on your Blocked List cannot hear or see voice or text chat or receive IMs from you.

How to block someone

There are several ways to mute voice chat inworld:

  • Right-click on the avatar and choose Block
  • Select Communicate > NEARBY, right-click the person's name and choose Block/Unblock. A small red icon appears next to the name. 
  • Click the Chat button at the bottom of the Viewer window to open the NEARBY CHAT window, mouse over the Resident's name, click the small "i" icon, then click the gear icon and choose Block.
Note: If you IM with, Pay Linden dollars to, or give inventory to someone you muted, that person is automatically unblocked. Chat history informs you of what's happened.

How to block an object

After you block an object, you cease to receive messages or items from it.

First, locate the offending object. If the object is making noise, you can find it easily by selecting the following settings in the View menu: World > Show > Beacons > Sound Sources.

Objects that are making noise are highlighted with a yellow beacon.

To block the object, right-click on it an choose Manage > Block.

Disabling chat popups

To disable incoming chat popup notices:

  • Choose Me > Preferences > Chat.
  • Under Enable incoming chat popups, deselect Group Chats or IM Chats.


You might also want to change:

  • Nearby chat toasts life time: How long nearby chat messages appear with a relatively dark background. Default is 23 seconds.
  • Nearby chat toasts fading time: After the Nearby chat toasts life time has expired, how long nearby chat messages appear with a faded background. Default is 3 seconds.

If you're a quick reader, set these lower so they appear onscreen for a shorter time.

Note: A toast is a temporary notification, so-called because in some applications they look like toast sliding up from a toaster. 


To disable notices from a specific group:

  1. Open People > MY GROUPS.  
  2. Select the group.
  3. Click Group Profile.
  4. De-select Receive group notices.

Allow only friends and your groups to call or IM you

To allow calls or IMs only from friends and groups to which you belong:

  1. Choose Me > Preferences.
  2. Click the Privacy tab.
  3. Check Only friends and groups can call or IM me and click OK


  • Non-friends won't get any acknowledgment that you haven't received their message. You may want to note in your profile that you prefer not to be bothered.
  • This can be an alternative to selectively blocking specific Residents, and can be used in tandem with busy mode.
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Perhaps the article needs a new paragraph about "How unblock".:)

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Irene's right.  Why isn't there something about UNblocking on this page?

by Member Arielle Simondsen on ‎05-13-2015 08:01 PM

how come I have people on my block list and they can still send me foul, rude nasty titled notecards that show up in my inventory, and I do not have the box checked that says to autimatically accept items!  whats the point in blocking if they can still harass me?