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Even though I have mod rights to other avi's, I cannot edit, or move the item. What is the problem?

I have mod right to other to other avatars and just this week I have been unable to move/edit any items.   I click on edit and get the edit box, which opens, however all the field are blank including the amount of prims, owner etc.   I have not made any changes to my permissions.  I uninstalled Phoenix... then went to the phoenix website and reinstalled a new one and still the same problem. So I am at a loss. Pls advise

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Two things.
1. Make sure you don't have Select Only My Objects set.
2. When editing others' objects, I have to right click it once to open the edit window, then right click it again to select it.
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There are several possible explanations.  The simplest is that there's a server glitch on your sim.  If that's the case, a sim restart should fix things.  It's also possible that:

1. You are trying to edit an object that your friend does not own.  Maybe it's deeded to a group?  Maybe it's someone else's entirely?

2. Your friend doesn't have mod/copy perms on the item himself.  If he can't modify or copy the object, you can't either.

3.  Your friend revoked your permission to edit his objects.

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