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Change of Email Address
Recently, I changed my Internet email address. I have used my Second Life Dashboard to update my contact details to the new email address and I can confirm that the software acknowledges it, because my offline IMs are sent to the new address.

However, when I carry out transactions on the Marketplace, all emails regarding these transactions are sent to my old email account. In an attempt to get to the root of the problem, I went to the "My account" settings in the Marketplace software and found that the displayed email address is incorrectly shown as my old email address. In the "My account" section of the Marketplace software there is a hyperlink that enables you to update your email address. When I follow this hyperlink, it leads to my Dashboard, where my email is displayed correctly. Strangely, it seems that the Marketplace software won't acknowledge that the Second Life dashboard has updated my email account.

To try and solve this problem I tried to use the hyperlink from the Marketplace software to update my email but when I do this, the Marketplace software still displays the wrong email address. Apart from raising a ticket (which I don't really wish to do for such a petty error) is there anything else I could try?
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Hello Dazler. It is an old and known bug. However i don't know if there is a jira about. Maybe time to start one? Several users reported the same issue in past. Just an example.

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