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  1. Yesterday I bought L$s for 50US$ ... the money was fetched from Skrill without problems. Today I see that the order failed, see this image. The money wasn't brought back to Skrill, but if I try to buy L$s again I'ld have to buy more US$ 'cause the buy-option doesn't seem to know that there is money on my account. So: Where is my money and how can I buy L$ with the money I actually have? Thx for your help! Nighty
  2. Hm .. three months ago and no answer? I've the same problem so - a little helpt would be very kind!
  3. As soon as I had the avatar block an object inworld (right click -> Block), I immediately received the queued offline IMs. Can't believe it, but it worked for most of the outstanding deliveries, too! Thx a lot! For others having those problems: It even works if you mute an empty, self produced prim that you delete directly after having mutetd it.
  4. Hey there ... in the last 3 days I bought several items on the marketplace, billing-numbers 128729866 (2900L$), 1287406979 (999L$), 1287433048 (350L$), 1287289723 (425L$) .. some items where for friends of mine, some for myself. All of them where online when I ordered the items .. nothing arrived. All in all there are missing items for at least 4674L$. and that's a lot of money! Before I have to answer the following questions: Yes, I viewed the order-history in the marketplace, and, yes, all the items are mentioned as delivered there.Yes, I asked the shop-owners, two of them answered and tried to re-deliver, but the items didn't arrive again.Yes, I viewed the SL transaction-history as far as I could do, and the items are not mentioned there - my friends sent me their transaction histories, nothing is mentioned there, too.I packed all the orders and transaction-histories to one archiv you can get here ... A little help would be nice .....
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