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  1. You may like to visit "Escapades" - it's not horror-themed but it is an outstanding child-friendly island-themed sim where you can find children and magical characters. If you look hard enough, you will also find an adorable teddy bear has made his home there too. (Me) Escapades is, by far, my favourite child-themed sim as it has a great friendly atmosphere and it is full of quests and brilliant ideas. There is a child group based there too that has many activities planned regularly (The Goonies) and it is my favourite place to be on Second Life.
  2. A really good looking photograph. Great composure.
  3. I hear that some photographs were sent privately to Enchanted Breedables but, in the end, Stormy won the prize. Well done Stormy. Congratulations.
  4. Lovely use of shadows and lighting.
  5. Sorry, I couldn't resist uploading a second photograph, just for the fun of it. Again, I'm not after the honey (I have my own bees) but I do think this idea is a great one and I wish you every sucess.
  6. That sounds a really fun idea. I don't want to make a formal entry but I would love to still be able to take part. This is a photograph of a Jawa, just to show that even Jawa love their teddies (After all, yesterday was International Star Wars Day.)
  7. You can ask that resident, but it is down to their goodwill (or lack of it) whether they reply (or not.) Surely, if the sum is only six Lindens, what is this fuss about? This equates to about a single UK penny – are you really concerned about this poultry amount?
  8. The only time I filed an AR, the confirmation was received within in few seconds.
  9. That's a really beautiful picture. The lack of harsh vibrant colours really gives it a warm rustic charm of its own.
  10. Hello, Dazler is unable to reply to his own thread due to constraints of the software and so he has asked me to post and say that he has marked the question "Answered" by LoveAngeL. He felt that her answer was the best reply to his issue. Thank you.
  11. Thank you for the feedback. I'll do another search when I next go online. Thank you.
  12. This looks a great venture! A friend and me took a taxi to the SLURL to find out more but neither of us could find any further details of how to enter, at the Adoption Centre where the SLURL led to. Should we just post entries directly to you or reply to this thread with our entry? By the way, good luck with the competition, it's a lovely idea and I do hope that it gathers a great deal of interest.
  13. Sorry but this is a "resident to resident" forum. I think your question needs to be directed to Linden Labs Support.
  14. This may sound silly, but have you turned it on? All the AOs I have used have an "on" and "off" button. Does the HUD look tainted red? If it does, it needs to be pushed once to turn it green ( the "on" state) Perhaps some of the computer geniuses can suggest more in-depth answers.
  15. Duplicate thread. Please use http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Technical/my-AO-is-not-working-its-attached/qaq-p/1311029 for replies.
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