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  1. Then my dear @Dellard, please explaine to us what "real rock" is. Here comes my favorite of Fleetwood Mac:
  2. Ha, that sounds to be a fun thing to do I nominate the next person to find a video that starts with the letter “O”
  3. Oh I need more popcorn so much good music to listen to And as speaking of women in rock
  4. Maybe you are right, the music here is quiet nice too
  5. /me takes a seat, listens and eats popcorn
  6. Hallo Hanni, was genau funktioniert denn nicht mehr? Ist deine Internetverbindung in Ordnung? Brauchst du vielleicht einen neuen Grafikkartentreiber? Welches betriebssystem nutzt du?
  7. 6pm and 7pm CEST or 18:00 and 19:00
  8. Hello everyone, I recently had my 12th (!) rezzday inworld. I made a longer pause and came back in August last year for a short while, and am back for good since late March this year. SL had changed since my first steps this long ago XD About me: most time i look like a neko, but can be a tiny hippo, or Loco skunk, or or or. I like the fact of transforming! Most time I stay around at my home. And cause I am shy and introverted - making friends isn't that easy for me at all. I like to travel around SL, explore beautiful places and SIMs. I like live concerts, so I am always on the hunt for a good performer. If you fetch me online - drop an IM and start chatting
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