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  1. I am a proud subject of The Queen, unsullied by contact with France. London City on SL is more like Milton Keynes, tbh, but possibly with less lag. I only ever met other Brits at night, when the Americans had woken up and logged in. SL between 10am- 3pm GMT was usually empty clubs and shops, and someone IMing "HOLA" every five minutes.
  2. S/he might still be here now, using an alt.
  3. What the...?? On my way to EK now...they've got some serious explaining to do.
  4. This thread is strictly for MEN WHO LIKE ROCK. That means no women. This thread isn't for you - backclick now. If you're a mad incel who listens to techno trance rubbish and eats chips all day, this isn't for you. Start dead-lifting and study the works of Rob Halford like your life depends on it - because it does - and come back when you're done. Now that the thread's clear for MEN WHO LIKE ROCK, here's a classic I've been playing in the car on many late-night drives during lockdown. Absolute legends - "Tango In The Night" is an utterly peerless record and a must for your collection
  5. Who'd admit to going on SL???
  6. The mods should put a hefty knee on this thread's neck.
  7. Child AVs will be banned. Investors won't want to be associated with that; far too distasteful. Best to just ban outright. It's also possible that Premium status will be required for uploads.
  8. Nice in theory. But consider the practice. I'm referring to using the lavatory. If her hair's that long, it'll dangle into the bowl and become a funfair for bacteria. No further down than the bosoms, please.
  9. I met a woman from SL in RL. The first thing she said was, "A Scotch egg smells like poo. And the olfactory system is linked to the tastebuds. So, if you like to eat Scotch eggs, that means you like the taste of poo." I made my excuses and left.
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