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  1. I wish to take Kristin Linden out on a date this Valentine's Day. I'll be inworld on Friday from 3pm SLT.
  2. I heard there is a very desperate man you can meet in the sandbox who will take your inworld money, he then says he will withdraw the cash from a RL ATM using a Paypal card, and then post you the cash in a plain envelope.
  3. So The Saturday Geeks are discontinuing their video channel and Jack Cowling and John Parker have delivered a scathing attack on Second Life. By eerie coincidence, nearly 10 years since the departure from SL of Tizzers Foxchase and MC Fizgig. Is this the beginning of the end for SL, and what was your favorite The Saturday Geeks moment?
  4. I already said that. Try reading the thread and you'll be less of a copycat.
  5. Such outrage, stress and anger...over something so trivial and pathetic... Raging over your pixel dolly... calls the funny farm for Julia
  6. One of the best things inworld is the spanker! [Moderator Edit: Profanity Removed]
  7. OMG...you are the most beautiful woman I have EVER seen on SL... Could we go on a date inworld?
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