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  1. I tried some RP back in the beginning of my SL - but I am not good in acting or following strict rules and setups at all so it wasn't enjoyable to me. I always admire people who can do it. And I saw some well made sims back then.
  2. Do you mean actual RP - like Star Trek Roleplay or Medival style sims? Or do you mean that the person behind the avatar plays a different version of themselfs in SL? @verycherrycharm
  3. I lost track of which letters we already had so I go with "Ä" for next video
  4. One of the funniest videos I saw recently: Next letter "E" btw thats a great cover @Jordan Whitt
  5. We have one band here which where the first one with an chart entry with HipHop and Rap in our language 30 years ago Die Fantastischen Vier, and they are still popular. And even if HipHop/Rap is usually not my cup of tea, I do like them when in the right mood. Do you want examples too?
  6. And here a song where I prefer this cover over the original
  7. I apologize in advance to any living human (and to all living things at all) for this one: Next letter: H
  8. Behaving just for a sticker? Nope, nope, nope
  9. Ohmygosh so kool! I luv a good piper. Thank you so much. This rocks!
  10. Oohh so many songs to listen to! YaY!!!! Thank you all And here another one quiet unusual cover:
  11. No idea if this is the right forum. This thread is for anyone who likes to share good or interesting cover versions of songs I start with a song where I love this cover version equally to the original:
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