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  1. the refunds here started again...
  2. Great point,SL is my RL job,not a fun game,i have 3 pages of "editing" enhancements with i cant touch,and cant see listed either,if wasnt for the reviews would be even better to relist them LOL as i felt the sales of those items go lower since they messed up months ago i had 14 items refunded and all billed back till my L finishes(when i realised that i sent to another avatar)i prefere to add enhancements again when is all fixed what a pain!
  3. lucky you,they left me now with 193L,just took all my money
  4. Just went to check and now i have like 80% as charging cannot edit ,even worse
  5. Same here Pamela,many things that i dont want to list anymore are there as charging cannot edit,and i keep being charged,today i received a huge refund,and now they started to take all back,this is a huge mess
  6. Are you talking about the no reply mails we get after a purchase?or an script inside the magic box .if is the ususal no-reply email im still getting them normally,as soon as the purchase completes i always get them
  7. i have my magic boxes on 4 sims,so when one goes offline i have the others on.and yes the buyer just gets one item
  8. Everytime i got a wrong review and wrote a comment and flagged they were removed and the person never wrote again,so i think is the best to do
  9. The same happens to me,i sent a ticket and so far no answer...and i use this paypal account for 1 year,removed cuz someone hacked my email,and also 1 of my avatars,after recover the email and avatar i wanted to add back and couldnt
  10. Now it got worse for me,even without ant update items i had sorted yesterday are not on the first pages anymore ,items sorted more to the end came to first,and after the sorting relevance is still the same,last items coming first
  11. She said will remove just for fixing the bug,and numbers we sorted will keep the way we did after they restore,i loved this feature too,but i dont want to sort my whole shop just some of the items,and when we update an item that was sorted it goes back to list end,imagine you needidng to rearrange all everytime you update an item....but if it works as it shoud ,than will be an amazing option for us
  12. mine was just the same justin,a nice christmas shop LOL,and still is after the ones i sorted
  13. well,mine are still the same,i sorted some,but i rather have by relevance and maybe sort a few items,my sales dropped down today,even sorting around 70 items
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