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  1. All of the *****es that I know of in SL have rigidly-attached scrotums that maintain the same orientation to the (erect) ***** no matter what. Can we expect genitals to be offered for sale that will have scrotums that hang vertically, no matter the angle of the *****?
  2. I really like the Reach Out feature, which optionally allows arousal to progress automatically when other Xcite! genitals of the type that appeal to the wearer are close enough, of Xcite! genitals. However, the HUD of the Xcite! X5 is so poorly designed and awkward to use that I'm looking for a replacement. Is there one that has arousal increase and orgasm occur other than by using manual controls?
  3. I agree with you. SL is fantasy, and what's the point of a fantasy that is the same as RL? I am a shemale in SL even though I am a straight male in RL. On the 2nd Life tab of my profile, it says I am a shemale, and on the 1st Life tab, it says I am a straight male. A stranger IMed me recently questioning why I said I was both a shemale and a male. I replied, "SL is fantasy. Dana is fantasy." Broadly speaking, there are two groups of people in SL. There are people who, like you and me, regard their avatars as fictional, fantasy characters and think of SL as roleplay. There are other
  4. That link was really helpful. Because of it, I decided to go with the 780Ti, which I already have, since it is so close to the 980, and both are well ahead of the 580 that I am accustomed to.
  5. Thanks, particurly, foir the heads-up about SL2.
  6. I'll be gettinmg a new computer soon, and I want to be sure it runs SL viewers as well as possible. It will be a Haswell-E, Socket 2011-v3, X99 chipset machine with 32 GB RAM, and one SSD for programs and the OS (Windows 7 or Windows 8.1) and another SSD for data. I'm not sure what it would take in terms of a graphics card to assure the best possible performance. Would there be an observable difference bewteen a GTX-580, GTX-780Ti, or a GTX-980?
  7. I tried the things suggested, and they did not work. I filed a ticket. and a scout responded that I should clean my browser cache, etc. Grrrrr. This is occurring on multiple devices with multiple browsers, and they think clearing the cache will fix it.
  8. I opened this account in 2006. I even age vwerified back when Aristotle was doing it. I have my maturity level set to G-M-A in the viewer. Marketplace olly wants me to see G and M products. If I change it to G-M-A, it changes it back. I can't find anything in my MP profile or my account profile to change to fix this. Help!
  9. Thanks:matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  10. I have a shape that I made. It lists me as the creator. I would like to export it so I can use it on other grids. Is there any way to do that?
  11. You might try using an ellipsis and hitting enter in the middle of the sentence, like this: heY, you look great... the new hair and eyes really go well together
  12. I understand that sharing IM logs violates the TOS. What I wonder is why. If I send someone a letter or email in RL, it belongs to him to do with as he pleases. If I have IMs sent to email, can I publish them, since they are no lionger in SL? In some US states it is legal for one party to a telephone conversation to record it without the others' knowledge. The recording belongs to him to do with as he wishes. It's always seemed strange to me that the virtual world had more restrictions on this sort of thing than the real world.
  13. My experience with hardware upgrades has been disappointing. For a long time I played SL using a computer with a 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, and an 8800 GTX graphics card, connecting vis 6 Mbps DSL. I often had a LOT of lag, and when I teleport to a new place, things were very slow to rez. During the past year, I got the following upgrades (in the order listed) with the effects as noted: 8 GB RAM - no discernable change GTX 470 - discernable, but not dramatic, improvement 3.0 GHz Core 2 Quad - no discernable change 18 Mbps connection - no discernable change Since, before the upgrades
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