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  1. Mines gotta be back in '07 on the mainland, I had an entire mainland sim and had no object entry, no scripts, no rez and no push on. I started noticing I was getting pushed away from something (my avatar was getting repelled slowly away from a source) So i went to investigate and found some sort of portal at the source, well it was a spinning vortex with some kind of shader effect (this was before windlight) it sort of looked like a circle of transparent water but it was also shiny and spinning real fast. Someone else saw it and when they approached it they dissapeared... along with the vortex. I IM'd them and they were 'offline' or at least appeared that way, later on when they came back online I asked them what happened and they told me they were tp'd into this black void, even the sky was jet black (remember this was before windlight!), there was no water or land, just blackness and a wierd green prim that they were stood on, when they tried to move off of the prim to fall/fly into the void they crashed and when they logged back in they were back where the vortex was
  2. No there is no way to reset them, if you mess them up then that's just tough sadly
  3. I tried clearing the cache that seemed to do the trick thanks
  4. Well my viewer crashed, and now when i try to log in it hangs at logging in, and eventually says can't resolve dns error. any idea when it'll be back up i have work to finish
  5. there are 2 other options to this, although Aura has the best suggestion, the other 2 work for testing out. 1: Turn the mesh Phantom and create invisible prims in the object to collide with 2: on upload hit the physics tab, select "Step 1: Level of Detail" and select "High" now under most situtations you should see an orange shape appear around your mesh, if this shape has red lines on it (or you get an error when pressing "Calculate") then under Analyze you need to change the "Quality" to "High" and hit Analyze, Don't **** around with any of the other options or you will break it. after this is done hit Calculate then hit Upload. Once the house is rezzed you need to select it, go to edit, and under the "Features" tab you need to select "Prim" under the "Physics Shape Type". Now hopefuly you should be able to walk around your house. this solution can and has worked for final meshes, but it is not reccomended for complex meshes or shapes, and it is best if you make your own physics shape.
  6. What I'd like to know is why you'd need any more than 100 - 200 trinagles for a bed post. And why you are uploading the bed post and not just combining it up and pulling it in as 1 mesh. I've seen quite a few super high quality meshes that use 5 1024x1024 maps for a chair or a sofa. This is really bad practise and if I did this I'd loose my job (I'm a game level and environment designer irl). You should use 1 map for a 3 peice suite. If I was designing a set of furniture for an apartment (including bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, master bedroom etc) I'd use 1 or 2 1024 maps FOR THE ENTIRE COLLECTION!. For furniture used inside depending on it's size you'd want the lowest and possibly the low LOD's to be 1 triangle (so there not visible) as you are unlikely to see the mesh from that far away. We were given mesh to help make SL run faster and to help optimize the world a little (did you know all prim and sculpts are 1024 triangles, even the cube) Also remember this: "A workman always blames his tools". I'm building an entire city in mesh, and everything works just as it should. infact sometimes the costs are lower than expected
  7. I'd like a setting that stops the sun/moon light from affecting the texture/prim while still allowing local lights to affect them
  8. Pretty strange problem, but he can't see mesh objects, we've tried hard wired into the router, and tried clearing cache, different viewers, reinstalling but still cannot see meshes. I'm at a total loss on what to do, I've searched Google and on here but no one seems to have ever had this problem before. Sometimes after clearing cache textures do not load either and names show as "loading..." please help
  9. Since the 3.1 update, try to import a mesh with a (working) physics mesh, the button grays out and cannot be clicked, removing the physics mesh and getting it to auto-generate OR resetting the defaults does NOT ungray the button, and I have to close and reopen the dialog box
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