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  1. Purple Petal is a beautiful and enchanting BDSM landmark on Second Life in my opinion. The creators put a lot of time and energy into building it. I love it because it has little touches for everyone from BDSM to roleplay from various time periods blended together.
  2. Hello, I would like to setup a merchant store. I used PayPal before but I can't use it anymore. Is there a alternative payout method other then PayPal? I can't use PayPal. Aura Cheri
  3. Hi. I'm testing out Mesh. I created the basic frame structure of a house and exported it to .dae. I finally was able to get it to import but I'm not sure how I can make it able be walkable. Meaning walking into the building. Basically its a solid cement building with cutouts for doors and windows. When I upload it consider the mesh one object(not a object with holes) so what could be the cause? I'm using Blender and exporting the structure as a collado file. I'm not worried about texture until I know how to at least get the structure to work.
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