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  1. Thunder Riderz MC would like to invite creators, apparel - men's, women's and children's, tattoo's, decor, builder's content creator's - to our Swap n Shop. It will run from 2/5/2018 to 2/16/2018 Event spacing is set up. There are 3 Pricing Event Stall's 7 - 30 prim stalls - 500L Premier Sponsor - These stalls are at the LM teleport point for the event. The first one's Seen. when you TP in. 13 - 20 prim stalls - 350L Sponsor - These stalls are around the inside center. They are the same size as the Premier Sponsor just a few less prim's 68 - 10 prim stalls 200L Event - These stalls are around the outside of the Event area. There is a Event Board at the following places for you to get the " TRMC Swap and Shop Invitation " Please fill it out and send back to HotLegs Snook. Swap n Shop Event Location : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hurricane Cove/159/166/2003 TRMC SIM http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mermaid Island/64/67/58 Open Heart Clothing http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shangri La/147/225/22 Tony Stark's Weopon's Shop http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mermaid Island/216/95/22
  2. Thanks I just couldnt remember.
  3. I was premium like 9 years ago when i first came into sl for about a year. then went to basic. Do not remember if there was a sign up bonus then or not.
  4. I decided to go back to premium membership in jan.. I still have not gotten my bonus sign up lindens. I have been watching for them to show up. How do I get these? I signed up for the yearly renewal. I was premium like 9 years ago when i first came into sl for about a year. then went to basic. Do not remember if there was a sign up bonus then or not.
  5. I have my Accessing Adult Land and Content set to General, Moderate, Adult. but when I go to view something on the Marketplace that is Adult. ( and my Item by the way) it says that my preferences are not set correctly.. I have checked and double checked. Is there anywhere besides in world that you have to set these preferences. On the Marketplace is the only place I am having this issue .. Where it be my items or someone elses. Thank you for your help
  6. Is there a way to reset the debug settings.. to default . Any that i might of changed by mistake. to reset the whole set at one time?
  7. Yesterday I made a Rotating Object.. I could see it moving fine. Today It is not moving.. so I tried remaking the object. readding the slow rotation script to it. and still it does not move. Any idea's what i have turned off this time to not be able to see rotating objects?? yes it is enabled.. yes I am on script enabled Land.. it is a simple rotation script. . And yes The running is checked. default { state_entry() { llTargetOmega(<0,0,1>,0.3,PI); } }  okay here is an interesting thing... if i hit that the object is physical it starts moving for me.. hmmmm but i shouldnt have to hit that it is physical.
  8. This is an attached particle.. I have tried adjusting the amount of particles that i see. moved it all the way up.. i cant even see if attached to another avi. I can see Particles that are rezed in world just fine.. But if it is an attached particle I dont see the Particles.. I know it is probably something very simple but I just cant figure out what setting needs to be adjusted.. Any Help would be great thanks. HotLegs
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