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  1. Sorry to be rude Commerce Team, but If anyone with a voice, knows anything about business, or just thought about it for 10 seconds, they should realised how ridiculous this move is. They should have spoken up at brain-storming meetings (or whatever type of get-togethers LL has), and said so. And others should have listened. It's not rocket science. I only need to know my customer's' real name, the one they will always have, not the one they change whenever the wind changes. From a business perspective I have no need, whatsoever, in knowing this week's display name of my customer. What is
  2. Copy AND Transfer permissions are usually for items that are builders supplies - ie sculpties/animations some scripts. Textures are usually full permissions (modify copy AND transfer). So if the particular item you are talking about isn't copy and transfer, as was listed on the advert, and it's NOT a building supply, it's probably a mistake. A number of store owners I've found often don't tick the boxes in the Permissions section when they are posting (for various reasons - eg multiple objects with different permisisons), but usually the permissions will be seen somewhere else, lik
  3. There's always a possibility they banned you by mistake, ie if someone has a similar name to you, or they were trying to click on someone else's profile, and accidentally got yours. With V2, and hovertext, I've noticed if you're in a crowded place, you can think someone is someone else, so you often need to "double-check". Some stores might ban you for : taking a photo in their store standing in one spot too long not responding to a "hi" IM they send rezzing prims in the store, and not picking up after yourself thinking you're a bot being a griefer, or perhaps even being in the vicinity
  4. Sorry, but It's only L$200. I've purchased a LOT of stuff that hasn't met my expectation. Its life. Just like in RL, where you buy an item of clothing, get it home, then never wear it. We all buy stuff at times that isn't what we thought it would be. And yes, often with SL clothing, if you're not a "standard" shape, or the shape that a prim item was made for, you do need to edit it, resize it, move it up/down to make it fit your shape/size.
  5. I had a Linden home - an A frame. The advantage of a Linden home, over an empty 512 lot (if you're wanting to put a house on it), is that you have 117 prims to play with to furnish your LL home. If you want to put a home on an empty 512 parcel, the prims you use to build that house count towards your 117 limit. That being said, I don't believe the parcel size of all the Linden homes are actually 512m or the same (correct me if I'm wrong). The usuability too of many of the homes, is quite restrictive. None of the more usable Meadowbrook homes were available when I was looking, so
  6. SL is going downhill. I don't get it, as they want to bring the young kids in (13-15 year olds) for education purposes and yet the very time they intend to bring them in, they are bumping up educational land fees. How do high schools afford land tiers? Or is bringing the young kids in just an excuse, and one more step to erode the adult content from SL One person commented that the increase in prices may be to pay for the added security programming that is needed for the kiddies. If so, as she suggests, higher education facilities are going to lose out, just for the sake o
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