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  1. Wow this is super confusing and I see why. I have been mostly away from SL due to life just being life, and came back to start creating just about a week or so before BoM was released. My SL bestie warned me to make Alphas for my Newest creation and mentioned BoM. I told her nope, will just mark them vintage and then go learn about this new stuff so I can make newer things based on that. Decided to get to speed and started reading through the thread, and while I have some basic understanding...I think, I am confused and see why others are. i am impressed with the level of intelligence here, I always am. But I see the request here more than once, ‘please explain it in more simple terms’, over and over. And what happens is the explanation gets more complicated. If I were brand new and read all of this, I’d leave SL and never come back. I even see a Linden in here giving super lengthy and complicated responses. Simple has to not start going into the dimensions of the textures or spec maps, or system layers. People who are not I in here to create just need to know how to continue wearing their favorite clothes. Clothes makers need to know simply how to continue making them without having to re-create their entire clothing catalog. So you go extra simple. Example: 1. Go get x, remove x, put on x and should see x. Bam you’re done The rest is too much! Imagine going to McDonalds and them offering you a drink by explaining to you the chemical compound of your soda, to explain what flavor soda they are giving you. Really you wouldn’t care. You’d ask for your Coke or Sprite and don’t really care to hear the chemical make up. This is what a lot of you are doing here, providing the chemical make up of BoM. Some of us don’t want to hear about the System layers (at least not in the extremely detailed explanation given here) and why which is better and how the metals glint etc. just give us the flavor soda we want. If we need more, we will ask. I want to know what I do differently in creating the clothes? I see layers but do I need to do anything to make sure those layers stack right? Will how I rig them affect anything? What about jewelry? What about ‘adult’ body parts that you would normally hide with scripts? Can anyone take off their “I’m a genius and I cannot speak in simple terms’ hat and break it down? I’ve been here since second week SL existed and I don’t even have a clue what some of you are talking about because I only started learning to make mesh about 3 years ago. You can explain to people without talking down to them or making them feel bad because they had to ask for clarification.
  2. Lol I leave and all heck breaks loose. I mostly needed to vent and only noticed more posts here. Because I saw my angry little reviewer had her friends come and leave more reviews, different verse same as first. So I put in to have them removed as well and saw the mail in my folders. But I think the anger here clearly illustrates that a new process may be needed. And definitely updated documentation. To the someone that suggested I update my listings, I have done so to a few, but need better verbiage, can tell I was more than a little irritated when I wrote it lol. So will update again over the weekend. And as a thanks to my wonder customers who did read, making an updated version of my meshes for them to enjoy. Also found a new partnership with a lessor known mesh body creator to work with as well. But will still keep making my good stuff for the classic SL bodies and make some new stuff too. So good came out of bad. That is awesome.
  3. I also do customer service and marketing IRL but it's a great bit different here, given how SLMP is set up and that we are a very small team. IRL I work for one of the largest companies in the world, with millions of people for back up, and lots of ability to correct incorrect reviews or simply directing them to where they can voice their grievances (non quality related). Also able to make a font bigger try moving it even. I do wish our SLMP was even more like say EtSy or Shopify or even Word press, then we could have a bit more control ice appearance etc. Right now all I have thought to do is make sure I actually use the SL graphic for classic avatars on the actual product images and automate that process in Photoshop just to make life easier. But thank you, always good to see what others are doing. I learn something new everyday, but will still need to vent from time to time, just being human,
  4. See that's a bit different than what happened with mine. I didn't misrepresent anything and I always try to contact the seller before I leave a review because as you know when creating clothes or anything, sometimes people are tired and may forget to put your (cabinet) in the box. You have to give them a chance to correct it before you leave a review. We're not taking about those reviews that say, hey, I hate this dress, those I can take. It's when accused of doing something I didn't do, like with this particular situation. Or I had once forgotten to include an alpha and I got a review saying I was selling fake clothes. When had they simply contacted me, I could have corrected that. I have has other contact me and I often give them a freebie if they catch something like that. Creators get extremely frustrated with reviews that have nothing to do with quality, just crazy gibberish. Not saying that's what you did, but constructive criticism is ALWAYS welcome. But my original post was just mostly needing to vent. All handled now
  5. I did ladies, just needed to vent.
  6. That's why I said a few, I don't believe all should be able to be removed for the reason you said but we are on the bad side of the power here as merchants. Being that is you have a few folk that decide they don't like you and go nuts with the bad reviews ( had that happen to a friend with an SL stalker) it's very stressful until they can take it down. They are quick to remove, but you're a store owner, it's stressful, lol.
  7. I have to say this will be partially venting and also requesting a new item added to drop down to flag a bad review. I just has a customer post a review, angry that our mesh does not work with mesh bodies, when it's clearly marked that it works with Classic Avatars (Not to mention, no where in our verbiage does it state compatibility with any mesh body). At current there is no drop down selection to point this out. The only thing I could do was label them as flame or hate speech, which isn't exactly correct. We desperately need something like, incorrect review type or something like that. Also the ability to remove a few of these ourselves wouldn't hurt either. Not, EVERY review, but having 3 or 4 to use a month, would be helpful for when you have these times where your customers don't read. Could we make that text a bit bigger even? Classic and Mesh? And a colorful icon? Thanks for allowing the ramble and thanks for the help in advance. (PS I did add a note to specifically say we're not compatible, but that little icon should be enough. Only thing I can think of is make it better. Having to add that to each and every entry is even more taxing, on an already taxing process for adding things to your store.)
  8. Before I even really begin, I want to stress I do not think this is a Bento update issue. I just spent half an hour arguing with someone about how this couldn't be a Bento issue. I will explain why. As many of us do who create things, I stay logged into SL. I usually don't update at all until I see all is well for others. So I don't HAVE the updates for Bento on ANY OF MY VIEWERS. I have been working on a dress, finally got it to a nearly finished point. But noticed by leg weigts weren't what I wanted, so I began adjusting them and then uploading at intervals to see if it was where I wanted it to be. I was using Firestorm, test server, which I have been logged into for about 4 days. After I uploaded the dress for the 4th or 5th time, this happened : https://gyazo.com/d9985234a7f96e7078525e58b1775851 I immediately took the dress off, ctrl-z'ed in Blender and deleted it from my objects list in FS. I put on the previous dress and it did the same as the image you see there. I went back 4 versions...same thing. Now all of these had no chest issues at all. See here what it looked like 3 versions before I started working on the legs: https://gyazo.com/0c3bbef9bf11b7cb95dc514ac2b4c95d I then said hmmm, I went back to a dress I made last week, that's finished and up for sale already on the MP...it did the same graphical issue. I logged out for the night, thinking..test server being test server. Got up, logged back in, uploaded a new dress, was working fine. So went back to work on my legs..uploaded a new copy. I get the glitch..I take it off, put on the previous one..its glitched. Went all the way back to an outfit I made a year ago..glitched. Common thread..all my fitted mesh outfits are doing this. No static sizes (I ceased doing static sizes a while ago). I put on the good dresses in the SL main viewer...just fine. Does anyone know if this is Firestorm Specific or even seen this before? Any stable viwers I can work in on the test grid that you can suggest? Thanks in advance!
  9. Sae thanks so much! I'd been fighting for days trying to recall this step. And couldn't remember what I was missing. Saw this and went DUH! Thank you. I was very very frustrated.
  10. SL is not the only game doing this. Steam does this v with Team Fortress. People make and sell their items as well.
  11. I told her the same thing. She can speak/type clearer but doesn't.
  12. Thank you for that post Sassy! I think sometimes we forget that if we don't help someone in a way they can understand then we risk discouraging them. Now any chance you could point out how to lower the polygons? Lol.
  13. In looking for help with Marvelous Designer I keep running into the same lectures over and over and it's extremely frustrating. Marvelous Designer is not as easy as it may seem and so on. Now that I'm learning Blender AND Marvelous Designer I have to say for doing clothes and for one who is a novice at 3D modeling, MD is MUCH easier. You acheive tangible results in a matter of minutes as opposed to trying to fashion a shirt/skirt or whatever out of nothing. We must all be mindful that people try to do things in a manner that is easiest for them to learn and not everyone is able to pull a pattern for clothing out of thin air. A program that allows them to do it with things that are familiar (clothing patterns and sewing) is going to be a lot easier for them to comprehend. Trying to dissuade someone from using the program because you think your personal way is better, only serves to frustrate the people trying to learn. Now..is it easy to get it from MD to SL? No, that part is a little harder and I would wager any newbie wouldn't mind that part, so long as they could see their clothing item in there, they'd go the last few steps to learn how to rig it and clean it up. I would and am learning to do so. Could I create clothing in Blender? Yes, but much much much slower. In MD, it takes a matter of SECONDS to create a shirt. Literally. I say learn as much as you can, it cannot hurt to know all ways to do it, but pick what's best for you, and those of you who are a little further along at this, try to be more helpful, with regards to pointing out where we can find instructions on what we're trying to do, rather than being berated. You may not mean to come across that way but it certainly reads that way. That being said, I'm having this same issue. Sometimes I can't find my OBJ and other times it loads in too large or too small. a GOOD tutorial showing the steps slowly would be great if someone would take the time to make one.
  14. Ok to the person that said the creator of The Sims is the same person as the head hancho at Linden Labs need to check their facts. The creator or maker of The Sims is one Mr. Will Wright and last I checked he is the CEO of The Stupid Fun Club, not Second Life.
  15. I have it set to ultra and I did indeed try to update my video card but to no avail. I was told that I needed Kristen's viewer to properly get it to work but her site is sending mixed messages. It says it's discontinued but they are continuing. Not sure what's going on there. So..guess I'll keep searching.
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