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  1. How many people miss sarcasm and take it for real? and then run with it? mwahahahaha More proof that some ppl should ask mom's permission before they turn on the puter.
  2. You really DON'T know him very well, do you? It really is too bad you feel like he stepped on your ..... appendage.... . Unk is helpful and kind... and nice to me. What else can one ask?
  3. I correspond with her daily ... about stupid posts and other things. grin
  4. Unk, my dear friend, you are too kind-hearted. Might as well just shoot yourself in the foot for any good that reply did for advocating child avs. That reply was not advocating child avs That vile and disturbing reply defended the sexual use and sexual exploitation of children. That is not relevant to the child av issue, because the perpetrator of that reply was overtly defending the sexual exploitation of children.
  5. Considering that Unk's first reply answered the question, We can expect to see this thread locked soon. And given the long defense of evil it contains, I am suggesting that Lexie, our omnipotent (and usually very wise) moderator look at it.
  6. Report it to both LL and your own IP provider as a fraud attempt. Include the entire header from the email.
  7. Daria... whatever irritation we give each other is minor... In this I totally agree with you... This drama club does not belong here... let them take it to the mud pit and wrestle themselves to the ground... or -- as you say-- sue each other. The whole forum is caught up in this soap opera!
  8. Hi Ella, I thought of that too, but the person in the post claims to have one account. Now being a Francophone, perhaps s/he didn't use the correct English term...and there are two accounts. But it has me thinking, can two people use the same account? I think Unk has it right: they can. But is it "legal" by ToS and community standards? The ToS seem to be silent on this specific situation. Thus it is prolly legal, but a dumb idea....
  9. On another discussion site, a SL resident posted the following (names deleted): Hello ! I'm French! We are two to play with that account, my wife and me. She use girls avatars with her name of Xxxxx, and me i use boys avatars and i play only in RPs , my name is XXXXX ! I am just wondering if this is a problem, and if others have encountered one account with multiple avatars. (It is a problem for them, since the wife says one thing and the husband will not validate it... but of course the name tag remains the same, confusing residents who know them, and they get "Like WTF?" from people that the
  10. I think that if your last name is "Linden" then the real and honest answer has to be, "You can't." They... whoever they are... will hunt you down and IM you just because they can. Have you considered an alt?
  11. That is about as reliable as all the Elvis sightings near Graceland. Turn your "Ignore" switch up a couple of notches.
  12. Yay! a positive and upbeat thread... Unk, YOU ROCK! Space Park Dove Romance Garden Midsomer .... the WHOLE sim!! dancing, cudding places in huge apples hanging from trees, gardens, OMG a thousand things to do. At Free at Last (If you want romance and can tolerate others who have sex on their mind) there is a walkway around most of the island's shore and access to the underwater gardens. Really lovely... My first date with my partner was there.... grin... Happy time.... If you are interested in educational things, the Sistine Chapel on Vassar College's campus is outstanding. And don
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