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  1. SuezanneC Baskerville wrote: It appears Second Life's number of concurrent users is dropping. No fear, Sooz. The massive influx of corporate customers will turn it around.
  2. Qie Niangao wrote: I'm not quite so confident. Although I suspect this particular case is bogus, there is still the possibility of permissions being compromised server-side, enabling mod on a script, and then all bets are off. ... Yes. There's an imporant and geeky distinction to be made between saying there are permission exploits/bugs that can give somebody mod perms to an asset (aka: can read script) and saying that any script can be copied/read via some ubertool. Nobody (almost...) will argue that SL may have (or may have again, someday) insanely-serious permission bugs that are exploitable and that can be used for content theft. Taking that and turning it into "this viewer can copy any script!" is a lot closer to nonsense...
  3. Welcome, Jeff/Bagman. I'd like to hear more about what you want to see SL move towards. Or, rather, a yes or no to: is "the answer" to tap the untapped bazillions of people who currently don't use SL for their corporate social media messaging? You have a lot of catch up to do. SL has been hurting for years. Service is screwed up. Everybody hates these damned forums and the moderation here. Also, please let people comment on your blog posts. (PS: a bonus hint since you're new: SL is a social media platform.. tell people to stop pushing other social media platforms..) Perrie Juran wrote: ...The game was originally developed by Burst, led by Jeff Petersen (aka Jeff P.), Rod Humble and Juan Sanchez... We're getting the band back together!!
  4. Also, not to disparage these lovely bears at all but how about tracking down Starax/Light Waves or Madcow Cosmos or Masterful Escape or some other uberbuilders and ask if they'd like to contribute a bear that LL can resell for charity?
  5. Sorry - I'd vote against LL endorsing vendors that LL does control. There is just too much opportunity for mischief there and, sadly, some people would take advantage of that to make money. LL putting their own vendors in public places - info hubs, welcome areas, LL builds, even something nice on the public/protected land of high-traffic regions - would be great. If people *know* that 100% of the money is going to LL, I think they would be more comfortable donating. Or maybe a new ticket type that could request that a Linden or Mole drop an official vendor at a slurl? Dunno if they have the molepower to keep with that traffic that might create..
  6. Amanda Linden wrote: Hey all, We heard ya! We've just created an "Off Topic" board for those that want to have a general discussion on SL. Have fun! **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://secondlife.i.lithium.com/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif" border="0" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" /> Thanks, Amanda. At the risk of sounding like a whiner, didn't you guys KNOW that this was the one thing your customers were going to probably be very interested in? I didn't record stats from the last 2 rounds of LL fourms but, IIRC, General Discussion was easily where most of the traffic was. I thought there was some push at LL to listen more to customers want and all that... On the new forums stuff, it's better but it still feels like that Jive stuff with the editor that tries very, very hard to be very, very helpful but mostly just gets in the way. BRING BACK RESMODS!!!
  7. Keli Kyrie wrote: Did you know we are invisible to all visitors? I just logged in to complain about the lack of a GD forum.. Who says LL doesn't have a sense of humor?
  8. Toss an IM to Sindy Tsure - she's got one and will probably be happy to drop it on your land, or somewhere else convenient, for a few days. Get her to drag out the sculpture by Masterful Escape, too - one of my favorites. The hard part will be getting her to shut up about art once you get her going. Best not to mention Light Waves or Starax...
  9. Sounds lke this might be good, except the silly facetwit stuff, but.. /me looks suspicious. As customers, your satisfaction and input is critical to the success of Second Life. ... we’re going to roll out a new community platform for Forums that is easier to use and more organized It's hard to imagine something worse than the software you're using now. Huge numbers of your customers were against it. LL said it was easier to use and more organized and had a bazillion nifty features and all that. Now, again, you're announcing a new & improved system for us to use but, well, did you ask your customers for input on what would increase their satisfaction in this area? It seems like that would be critical to success. I haven't been around much lately. Maybe I missed those discussions.
  10. As mentioned last quarter, we've phased out the data feeds. The link on the economy-data page now takes you to a compilation of the most recent quarterly economic posts. I remember a time when LL proudly blogged about how open they were.
  11. Desmond has it Doesn't he always?
  12. Is it time to yet again try telling LL that a product that doesn't work doesn't sell and that pissing off your customers so frequently isn't really good for business? Are they listening yet? These results aren't due to lack of marketing or new features or expensive things for corporations, LL. For about the bazillionth time, if you make your customers happy, SL will start growing again. Nothing else you've tried over the last few years has worked, maybe you could give that one a shot, even if you're not convinced it's true.
  13. /me wanders through the comments above and concludes Kim's best move is: have fewer existing customers that are ready to lynch LL. Personally, I would love to see my RL work (server manufacturer) somehow use SL. Better marketing if we went to agni or off-site colab stuff with opensim or (if the pricing was less insane) nebraska. Lots of potential there. Sad part is that there's no way I'd encourage work to spend money on SL, with the last few years of actively annoying customers every chance you get. It's been said many times before: stop wasting your monopoly, LL. It won't last forever. Welcome, Kim. You've got your work cut out for you - hope you can make things better.
  14. What an excellent question. Originally, when mono first came to the grid, LL was saying that LSO (not-mono) was going to eventually go away or the option to compile in it would go away or something. Now it's not so clear that they plan to do this, given all the trouble mono has caused. This would be a great place for a Linden to step in and discuss this - to actually talk about how people should use their development platform. Unless you like being blue (then dead) I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for that to happen, though.
  15. Invoking a method is always more cost intensive than reading the value of a variable from memory I think I said that too. The difference is that I think it's a trivial amount of extra work. Extra work? Ok. Lots of extra work? Nope - I don't think so.
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