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  1. Kelly Linden wrote: data will contain a CSV of destination id and amount transferred on success and an error tag on failure. Is this a good idea, given that the Linden CSV parsing functions are broken? See SVC-285 for details. I saw in a previous comment that you believe this to be more general, but really a list is more general since it can contain any type without quoting or casting errors (eg, from converting between floats and strings).
  2. No. I don't like double-click teleport, especially since it actually goes through the whole teleport thing... so if you're in a teleport-restricted parcel or one with a landing point you end up somewhere else. Physical fake-teleport tricks using llMoveToTarget work so much better. Anyone want a script for that, let me know in-world. I like double-click navigation and wish SL would let you set waypoints the way EQ did, so you can set up a path and let your avatar do the walking.
  3. Still unusable because of the broken chat focus. And every time I try to use it I find more brokenness. Why did they remove the directories from the "Worn" tab in the inventory? If I have two outfits on, because I worn one the wrong way, how do I remove the old one? In other viewers that support 2.x style outfits I go to the "Worn" tab, select the outfit folder I want to take off, and remove it. In 2.x I have both outfits intermixed. No, don't tell me to put all my outfits in "Outfits" folders instead of "Clothing" folders. I have over 300 avatars, many with multiple outfit options, and "Out
  4. Good to know, they put some thought into mitigation then.
  5. Impossible things? How so? https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-17011 Hardly impossible. It's something that's so basic that they've fixed it every time they broke it previously. I guess LL employees don't use text chat any more.
  6. Make sure you're rezzing the floor against the chair and not attaching it to your avatar.
  7. Why is a mouse when it spins? Because the higher, the fewer. -- Children's riddle. The higher your skybox, the fewer neighbors you will see... at least until you reach that zone near 4096 meters where everyone else who's trying to put their skybox out of sight of the neighbors ends up.
  8. I suspect display names are a compromise that allows existing citizens a choice to use the name they wanted to in the first place, and it will allow new folks to just put in the name they want to. I see no reason why it should be a complete revamp of allowing citizens to just change their names. But just allowing people to change their names would be easier to implement and less disruptive, and would actually allow people to use the name they want - Display names won't do that, because the old user name will always be there.
  9. Although I'm glad to know that 'both names' are now planned to be the default, you seem to be saying that those using a Display name that differs from their Username will be able to hide this fact quite easily (in Preferences). I think you're misunderstanding. There is currently an option to show or hide other people's usernames. This currently defaults to hiding usernames. What I believe Jack is saying is that this will default to showing other people's usernames... but you can still hide them and see only display names for yourself. This won't change how other people see you.
  10. This change solves one problem, but it eliminates the ability of people to effectively "change their name" with a display name. It becomes nothing more than a floating titler. Let's see, how to really fix it? Maybe something like this? Don't change anyone's existing "username". Allow new users to pick unique non-existing user names, with the same character set (upper and lower case and spaces) as current users. If you don't have a "display name" you get the same appearance as in current V2. If you pick a display name that's unique using characters legal in a user name, you get "display n
  11. But Prok is right in basic concept... it caused a whole lot of majorly serious problems, not the least of which was CopyBot. Um, what? How the hell did open sourcing the viewer cause CopyBot, when CopyBot came out well before the viewer was open-sourced?
  12. Strictly speaking, the blog post is not about that particular chat functionality, but about the design philosophy of the viewer more generally. That's because Linden Lab keeps turning the discussion about this problem into a discussion about the design philosophy of the viewer every time it comes up. On mailing lists. In JIRA. In chat. And now on the blog. After a while it seems like they have some other objection to fixing it, and t6his is just an excuse. That said, if I understand this "trigger issue" correctly, in the new viewer, I'll have to explicitly enable the chat bar for every sing
  13. And more comments about grand and unlikely schemes, separating the UI from the engine, making the viewer modular, these are side issues. The big question is why "we don't want to add options" is a reasonable response to a request that an option that previously existed, and that a large part of the user base (both gamers and chatters) depended on, can't be returned to Viewer 2. This is not simply a blithe request that some new functionality that never existed before be added as an option, but that a fundamental part of the user experience that has been maintained for years (and, previously, re
  14. My concern with this blog post is that I don't see how resistance to adding an option is a reasonable explanation for the push-back from LL against fixing the problem that started this whole discussion. They have added options for far less important features, including a whole new UI for the location bar (the mini location bar) and for controlling buttons on the bottom bar. So why is focus on the chat bar such a big deal for LL? The underlying problem is that in 1.x viewers there WAS an option to display or hide teh chat bar. When the chat bar was displayed, focus was always on the chat bar.
  15. Vick.Forcella wrote: I'll recompile in LSO and if LL forces implementation of Mono they better make it work first, and give us a year or two to update/ replace.... (i.e. LSO will never be made redundant cos I hace said so)Babbage has said that they're planning on rewriting the LSL interpreter in Mono, so that LSL scripts would be wrapped inside a Mono script. I am uncertain of the wisdom of this course. I mean they have done amazing things with the Mono implementation, I'm totally impressed, but ... I still think they're trying to eat something bigger than their heads.
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