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  1. Okay, so it stopped working for some reason. I reinstalled the program and did the same thing I did before, but the issue still persists. Why can't LL get it through their heads to make a key command option in preferences?
  2. That is super helpful. Thank you guys for the assistance.
  3. Excellent, thank you. Do I just switch W to whatever key I don't hit?
  4. I have no idea what I'm supposed to look for or change in this though.
  5. Will I be able to use Notepad to change it? What is the line I have to edit?
  6. I have Firestorm. I looked into the .xml file, but I didn't want to change anything in the event I changed the wrong thing.
  7. I'm not entirely sure how to remove the keyboard shortcut that closes all windows. It's bothersome because I usually engage in combat, and every now and then I will accidentally hit that combination and close out of my minimap. How do I remove this function altogether?
  8. Try to ignore the behavior exhibited from others at the moment. As you said, it's nice to have it explained clearly rather than aggressively.
  9. Which is fair. Second Life is exactly as the name suggests. I'm not a 6' robot, although I wish to whatever powers that be that I was. You're not one to go out guns a'blazing like Rambette. We all characterize ourselves as someone we would like to be, at least most of us. What I'm saying is, you have to look past the concept that SL is itself a program where you assign yourself a very specific role, however I believe RPG in general has guidelines that allow you to tell it apart from other types of role play. For example, Bloodlines (eww) could be widely distinguished as being different from, s
  10. I might attempt to explain it in my own views. Take it as you will. Role playing gaming, in SL, has different layers. There's the aspect of being a character (in your case being Tari Landar), and then there's the aspect of being a character AS that character. The latter is the type of role playing I think you are currently associating this category in, which I guess I'll call "Second Role Playing," SRP for short. In essence, yes, you are representing a role as a character in any game, but the difference between role playing and any other game category is that you have a story that you are
  11. I have had an extensive history within the SLMC. I have been appointed to the highest position, I have been assigned as an administrator of VICE combat, I have assisted in the development of combative communities throughout my run. In time I chose to retire, and after about 5 years of inactivity I have rejoined the community within the group Parx Oran is, albeit inaccurately, representing. With my personal experience, I would not identify the SLMC as an RP community. There were elements of it in the past with previous groups, however it was not a widespread decision among the collective of gro
  12. Anyway, those with interests in helping, PLEASE send me a notecard in SL. I'd be more than ready to hear your offers.
  13. That sounds reasonable, I think. Nothing wrong with a little more to satisfy the maker's requirements.
  14. I didn't mean for it to sound like I want this done immediately or anything. It can take as long as it needs, granted it doesn't burn a hole in my wallet.
  15. Still no offers. I'll wait until Wednesday to post in the avatar forum.
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