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Found 5 results

  1. I have what I hope is not a unique problem in the SL combat community. I have built an NPC enemy combat system that works fine with ordinary physical bullets and a simple open source HUD. However, the group / region that I do combat roleplay in (IndoChina - hi Sydney!) uses VICE weaponry. I love using VICE, but I have have hit the problem of VICE weaponry needing to be attached to an avatar (or sat on) for bullets to do damage Does anyone have any thoughts on how my NPCs could have VICE scripts added (to give and take damage) that would activate without being attached to or sat on by an avatar? Any guidance hugely appreciated. Kaylee
  2. Hello! looking for a vice smg bullet script for vehicles. Does anyone know where to get it? there is a script for the gun to be worn, but i need it to work for the tank, i.e. when someone is sitting in it. is it possible and how difficult is it to remake such a script?
  3. I've been working on a T-55 model for the marketplace, using scripts from an example I found some time ago on VICE. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/T-55-Tank-VICE/14664468 This is the tank I've working on, I can't figure out how to make the cannon to be able to move vertically instead of just rotating. I've tried using Space Tech Advanced Turret Scripts but it seems not only not to work properly with this one for the first time since using it for long, but also making the barrel turn 90 degrees back, aiming at the sky and shooting so. Still could not manage how to make a single-person tank with this pack: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Z3-VICE-Tank-Development-Kit/3723742 Seems to work properly but only with at least two crew members. Seems like the rotating turret/barrel scripts are obsolete because the way it turns, kinda laggy. Does anyone know how to make the tracks work properly? Like, to climb some stuff at least. Thank you.
  4. THE PD OF THE FUTURE IS HERE! Sure we have the normal patrols n cadet training. But the difference stops there. Chief Azrikam has developed the best rp pd experience possible. with drone surveillance, vice, narcotics, (some super trooper syrup chugging might get thrown in) canine academies, explosive ordinance, tactical rescue teams, tactical trauma teams, helicopter training for both swat and surveillance. New pursuit intervention techinques, train and metro policing are just a few more of the amazing opportunities for rps you will never get on any other pd and so much more. visit our pd at Jade Island (163,171,89) and sign up to join the best cadet school in law enforcement. The twilight city police department. We dont fix stupid, but we can arrest it! turn in all applications to myself please
  5. Hello, So I've noticed that most combat-related posts get moved to Roleplay, But why? A very large portion of Combat communities exists that don't RP. And a very large portion of RP communities have sections that Do combat, but when fighting is completely devoid of all RP. I'll give some examples of these sims, and what they are (sorry if i leave out DCS, and GOR too much, I'm not very well versed in the two but are aware the combat aspects are very in-depth.) VICE: (That I know of) Binh Dinh: A Vietnam war era combat sim with roleplay elements, but the focus is primarily on the combat New Bastogne: A European WWII chain of combat sims with the option of RP Tulagi: A WWII themed vice arena chain of sims. I'm not too sure if they RP there at all. If they do, it's news to me. The rest are roleplay sims with a side of combat. so Coastguard RP's, and the like. SLMC/LLCS: Coercion Combine: A Sci-Fi Knights group that acts as a public combat sim, and a military base. There is no roleplay here, and are laughed at when they do (Discord gets fun) Chaos Indivism: A Warhammer 40K Chaos group that acts as a public combat sim, and a military base. There is no roleplay here, and are encouraged to not. Chaos Decretar: Another Warhammer 40K Chaos group that acts as a public combat sim, and a military base. There is no roleplay here, and are harassed endlessly if they do. TKOI: An Interdimensional furry group that acts as a public combat sim, and a military base. There is no roleplay here, and are encouraged to not. CDF: A sci-fi Macro furry with guns themed group that acts as a public combat sim, and a military base. There is no roleplay here, and are encouraged to rather have furry sex instead. Valix: A Final Fantasy 14 themed group that acts as a public combat sim, and a military base. There is no roleplay here, and are encouraged to not. XAF: A dead military group that kept their sim open for others to enjoy publicly. You can roleplay here if you want I guess, but if a tree falls, and nobody is around to hear it, does it really make a sound? Task Force Ghosts: A Modern Warfare themed group that acts as a public combat sim, and a military base. There could be RP here, but nobody is for sure. they are still primarily a combat group. I mean I can go on, cuz there is more but I'm sure you get the point. What could we do with a combat section that the roleplay section already doesn't do though, Kobi? Well, I'll tell ya! We could advertise combat groups as combat groups instead of people having to be told when they come to combat sims that "Yo, we don't RP so stop calling me Sir. It's weirding me out." I swear, like 4 times a day lol The RP sims that focus on RP, but have combat elements such as GOR, and DCS (and those few VICE sims) can have a better platform to discuss the countless aspects of their combat experiences with their respective systems to improve them without people discussing the roleplay in between. Combat sims can easily get more exposure from this. People might even see that there is more to SL than furry sex, and dance animations than they had originally thought. People would see that there are opportunities for making combat sims and systems and possibly find a new passion. The dark corner of SL that is combat wouldn't be so dark and secluded anymore, and would hopefully get the exposure it needs to grow again. Discuss weapons, and their specific benefits in different situations, People could discuss Primjumping, what kinds of viewer controls should be allowed, how to navigate properly in a combat sim, etc.. Point being, there's no reason you shouldn't, but many reasons you should. Don't forget we were one of the first communities, and will easily be one of your last. Please don't leave us feeling left out.
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