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Found 4 results

  2. THE KESSEL ROOM BLOCK PARTY - WORLDWIDE SIMULCAST PARTY LIKE A VIP @ THE KESSEL ROOM BLOCK PARTY - BROADCASTED LIVE with TDN FEATURING: DJ STEPHANIE Join us at The Kessel Room from 4-6 pm SLT and enjoy the best in EDM music and dance club environment. Drop by the party and join in with thousands around the world. FB @ https://www.facebook.com/TheKesselRoom Flickr @ https://www.flickr.com/groups/experiencethekesselroom/ The Kessel Room: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mizithra/252/193/193
  3. Alright, so let's get this out of the way. For those wondering about the SLMC communities, here is more info on the finest example of one Basically, the SLMC groups are combat groups that people can join, but not all groups will take just anybody. Our training is known to be one of the more difficult ones to pass and people have asked me to make a guide to getting through training in one piece. For this example, I'll, of course, be using the Coercion Combine. To get in, just go to our sim Here and in the spawn area, you'll see some hovering drones. One of the drones will be offering something called an Outer Party Form. That is our fancy word for "Training application." Just fill it out. It doesn't have to be too serious, we understand this is a video game and some fun with your first impression is important. After that, follow the directions at the bottom and hand the application to one of the people at the bottom, then you'll be all set. Alright so, first off lemme start by introducing myself. I am Brother Kobi and I am a Paladin in the Combine. (officer rank 1) I have been in the Combine for 4 and a half years and am proud to say that I've done a very large portion of the group's training since late 2013. I've seen a lot pass, and I've seen a lot fail. Nowadays I make most of the training resources from our primjump courses to our arenas. I'll educate you on primjumping here in a bit, but for now, I'm just gonna tell you what you're going to need. - Patience [We test the patience of the people who join to weed out those who aren't looking at the group as what the rest of this game gives you, and that is instant gratification] - Composure [If you lack patience, typically people's first step is to get angry and use the weapons we supply you to try and kill the trainers. The trainers have proven their skill in combat and would love to destroy you. That is not a fight you will win, and it's a fight that sucks to lose] - Determination [As much as these all seem like buzz words that you'd write in the footnotes of your bible study book, you need to have your mind absolutely set that this is where you want to be. We spend a lot of time making the weapons and armor that we pretty much just give out for free, so we only want to give them to people who will set an example with them] - Understanding [Many people look at some of the tests as useless or unnecessary, but you need to understand that we're not just making stuff up when we want you to do something. Our training habits have been cultivated since roughly 2006 when our group's relative, Black Talon was top dog] Alrighty, your favorite part. Here is what we give you to start out and get through training. Some of these items are for us, but some are our gifts to you for entering training in the first place. - Aspir Gear [Don't worry, its made to look bad. We have this horrifying compilation of random fabrics as something you will be required to wear during training. This is to filter out people who are way too attached to their avatar's appearance and get them used to the idea of a uniform. Upon passing training, you'll have much much more freedom with your appearance, as you'll get your first armor set.] - Kestrel [This is your first Coercion Weapon. It is a standard pistol with 12 rounds. Fires at 200 m/s. Just because this gun is free, does not mean it is bad. Many skilled members and even some Vaukreyn {annual tournament winners} prefer this weapon because of its responsiveness in lag, and how fast it's able to fire off rounds] - Necklace [It's not required, but it lets high command officers blow you up if you're being dumb] - The Creed [These are your rules to live by for the next many years you'll be in the Combine, but more importantly it has all the answers to the boring written tests. The rules change as does the political climate of the community] I'd wear all of them at all times, and keep the Kestrel on as well so trainers and vets can tell when you're in mouselook and give you suggestions to help you along. This is the sim and venue where our training is held, there are two very memorable places that you'll go to in Pandoras box [PanBox]. The primjump course, and the arena. I'll go over tips and heads ups on what you will, and might run into when in PanBox in the form of the order in which you'll do your training. We've got several requirements that usually don't ever take more than 2-3 days to complete [and those are always fairly inactive people, so no worries if you're a busy person] 1. Knowledge Assessment [Litterally impossible to fail, just answer your best and if you're wrong, the appointed trainer will correct you] 2. Primjump Evaluation [This one is my favorite because it's usually somebody's first experience with treating SL less like a social chat platform, and more like a real video game. Much like every video game, each has their own quirks and exploits. Primjumping is the art and study of using those exploits to gain a tactical advantage. Most people start out by calling it Second Life Parkour, and for all intensive purposes that are entirely correct. If you're worried about how much time you take on it, don't. people have taken up to 6 hours to complete it and still get accepted. This is where those first four traits I talked about come into play] 3. Combat Evaluation [This is where you get to use the kestrel to finally kill something, however, this usually doesn't mean you're going to be paired up with a fair fight. The odds in this fight are made to be stacked against you greatly. Many times during fights the Combine is faced with holding composure in raids that don't necessarily go our way. We will face you with the equivalent of your worst case scenarios. Most of the time, the trainer will start out with a melee only until they escalate to something more your speed. Getting used to fighting melee only infantry [Brawlers] is the best way to learn your aim. Brawlers typically know how to move on the battlefield, and know how to move to trick you into being exactly where they want you to strike. However, your gun is longer range than all melee weapons. All you need to do is aim, and keep your distance [kiting]] -------- At this point, you'll take a break for a day. Maybe go on some raids, and you can chill out and do whatever. Keep in mind if you're gonna hang out on base, you'll be required to be in tag, and in your awful looking aspir gear -------- 4. Advanced Knowledge Assessment [More difficult than the regular assessment and requires you to consult the creed. You get 30 minutes on it, but it shouldn't take you more than 10. I wouldn't copy paste from it, but just paraphrase the best you can. not everything the test asks is in the creed, some require your own knowledge] 5. Final Exam [Basically the same as the advanced knowledge Assessment, but much easier to fail. This is full of the more important rules that we strictly follow. We need to make sure that you won't make a bad example of the group] 6. Two Raids or Defenses [You can do these at any time during training. people will take note and are watching, but you might notify somebody that looks important whenever you are on a raid. Typically if the grid is quiet that day, an officer or OIC can lead a drill where we fight amongst ourselves, and those do count] and then you're finished. You will then be given our Discord where we will then direct you to the meat of it all. You will then be E-1 Dragoon. You at this point are now a full member of Coercion, and are given everything you see here and more completely free. Here is the rundown. - The Hud [Ever wanted something that had simwide communications, Landmines, grenade interceptors, umbrella shields, sitbarrcades, normal barricades, Bubble shields, a Jetbike, a mortar, 5 grenade types that vary depending on your class, deployables that depend on your class, a backpack for your resources, Alloy (our currency) and a dodgeroll? boy well do I have something for you. This has all of that and is constantly getting more added to it. You might picture the script time being massive, but all scripts are made with lag efficiency in mind] - The Punkin' Eris Armor [Coercion is defined by our appearance. Armor is earned and we are proud to be able to wear it. This is your first armor set and your first step into our ranks. Be proud, you've earned it] - Sebastiio War Banner [Named after one of our officers whos raiding habits heavily consist of beating the enemy to a pulp and then gloating about it, the banner can be slammed on the ground in a sort of chant. When an officer slams their banner on the ground, everybody else wearing a banner will slam simultaneously to demoralize the enemy - BP-100 [Butt Pack 100. It's our lowest tier of jetpack. Jetpacks can't be used all the time just like everything in the armory, but we have a different jetpack for every situation. This one is the best "all around" jetpack] - Ceres Dagger [Standard 5 meter melee. Melees are used to fill the gap between a gun's rez distance. Guns have rez distances so that we don't dodgeroll into our own bullets and die] - Contender [People like to call it the combat shovel and is used for competitive dueling. It's a 2-meter melee, but if you swing and miss, it will take 50% of your health. A lot of thinking is involved in contender duels, so have fun] - Combat Stick [Many armies have fallen by the sheer might of this 3-meter melee. It is used in unison by the army when relations with another military have broken down so much, they've banned everything in our armory. Imagine cultivating your military only for people to defeat it with twigs. This is why we own this] - Copperhead Stinger [Standard dumbfire Rocket Launcher. Mainhand. Deals 35 AT to armored sitbases] - PP29, PP57, (PP19) [Standard assault rifles with varying spreads. Used for different situations] - Faulken Spec-OP [Standard Sniper, and burst rifle. Bullets are quite a bit larger to balance them out with full auto weapons] - Kestrel Reskin [The kestrel trainee pistol has several skins for different ranks, and is still a favorite amongst the veterans] - Access to the largest private armory SL has to offer, and the means to get it. Welcome to the Combine, Brother or Sister If you have any questions regarding more about what this post is about, please visit THIS PAGE
  4. Hello, So I've noticed that most combat-related posts get moved to Roleplay, But why? A very large portion of Combat communities exists that don't RP. And a very large portion of RP communities have sections that Do combat, but when fighting is completely devoid of all RP. I'll give some examples of these sims, and what they are (sorry if i leave out DCS, and GOR too much, I'm not very well versed in the two but are aware the combat aspects are very in-depth.) VICE: (That I know of) Binh Dinh: A Vietnam war era combat sim with roleplay elements, but the focus is primarily on the combat New Bastogne: A European WWII chain of combat sims with the option of RP Tulagi: A WWII themed vice arena chain of sims. I'm not too sure if they RP there at all. If they do, it's news to me. The rest are roleplay sims with a side of combat. so Coastguard RP's, and the like. SLMC/LLCS: Coercion Combine: A Sci-Fi Knights group that acts as a public combat sim, and a military base. There is no roleplay here, and are laughed at when they do (Discord gets fun) Chaos Indivism: A Warhammer 40K Chaos group that acts as a public combat sim, and a military base. There is no roleplay here, and are encouraged to not. Chaos Decretar: Another Warhammer 40K Chaos group that acts as a public combat sim, and a military base. There is no roleplay here, and are harassed endlessly if they do. TKOI: An Interdimensional furry group that acts as a public combat sim, and a military base. There is no roleplay here, and are encouraged to not. CDF: A sci-fi Macro furry with guns themed group that acts as a public combat sim, and a military base. There is no roleplay here, and are encouraged to rather have furry sex instead. Valix: A Final Fantasy 14 themed group that acts as a public combat sim, and a military base. There is no roleplay here, and are encouraged to not. XAF: A dead military group that kept their sim open for others to enjoy publicly. You can roleplay here if you want I guess, but if a tree falls, and nobody is around to hear it, does it really make a sound? Task Force Ghosts: A Modern Warfare themed group that acts as a public combat sim, and a military base. There could be RP here, but nobody is for sure. they are still primarily a combat group. I mean I can go on, cuz there is more but I'm sure you get the point. What could we do with a combat section that the roleplay section already doesn't do though, Kobi? Well, I'll tell ya! We could advertise combat groups as combat groups instead of people having to be told when they come to combat sims that "Yo, we don't RP so stop calling me Sir. It's weirding me out." I swear, like 4 times a day lol The RP sims that focus on RP, but have combat elements such as GOR, and DCS (and those few VICE sims) can have a better platform to discuss the countless aspects of their combat experiences with their respective systems to improve them without people discussing the roleplay in between. Combat sims can easily get more exposure from this. People might even see that there is more to SL than furry sex, and dance animations than they had originally thought. People would see that there are opportunities for making combat sims and systems and possibly find a new passion. The dark corner of SL that is combat wouldn't be so dark and secluded anymore, and would hopefully get the exposure it needs to grow again. Discuss weapons, and their specific benefits in different situations, People could discuss Primjumping, what kinds of viewer controls should be allowed, how to navigate properly in a combat sim, etc.. Point being, there's no reason you shouldn't, but many reasons you should. Don't forget we were one of the first communities, and will easily be one of your last. Please don't leave us feeling left out.
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