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  1. So we'll soon be scripting and releasing the Valkyrie jetbike for free for all Combine soldiers. I worked hard on this mesh, and hope it does well in combat.
  2. everybody can agree with this. However, when somebody asks you what kind of game SL is, How do you respond I'm curious? for me, I usually say "It's a multi-player game engine"
  3. there are huds that can take control of animations on other people's avatars. they were more popular like 10 years ago and its some pretty retro griefer tech. how this works is the huds will rez invisible prims in front of your avatar or your camera and if you click pretty much anywhere it will sit you on the object and then it will take your permissions and even after you stand up they won't revoke the perms. after that the owner of the object is pretty much free to do whatever they want (animation-wise really) but if you sat on any odd objects recently that could be your issue. just go to avatar>undeform avatar and revoke permissions and you'll be all set. edit: i sent you a tool that revokes permissions and stops animations in-world. regardless of how it happened, that'll fix it.
  4. there is a tool that has been used over the years in the combat community known widely to the community as "the wigglecock" what it does is it essentially breaks the connection from the sim to the asset server. This makes it impossible for objects to play animations, rez object, and do anything really, all without lagging the sim and without permissions from anybody. it was an exploit that was figured out by a guy named Syrinx (infinite.rage) and was last used by Velani Karu last week if I'm not mistaken. Did you upset any bronies or furries recently? The only group I know of (that still even uses it lol) is a group called TKOI/TIAF which is a primarily furry/pony military group (yeah... a mouthful isn't it) they usually dress up in bright red and purple armor. there is also apparently a way to make sim builds physical via similar exploits however that's only a rumor. if there ever was a community it'd be invented/used it would be the SLMC. and i've not ever seen anything like that happen. only mistrusting people and giving the wrong people rights has ended up in builds physdelinked.
  5. the rest of the community will have vastly different opinions than me on the subject I will admit. But that is because this is only an amazing creative outlet for me, but also a fun fast-paced first-person shooter, and it is nothing more for my friends as well. This has lead to many drama-free years for us. I don't mean to make it seem like I'm 'preaching the way' or anything like that, but figured I might have an interesting perspective to take account of. In the end though this game will always have people that blur the lines between their avatars and them. I've found over the years that it's best to keep a distance from those people and to make sure you're not one of them.
  6. I mean call it what you will tbh. just my 2 cents.
  7. I see a lot of different situations being brought up in this thread that can all be solved by proper communication with the people around you. Personally, treating this game as anything other than just that; a game, is a mistake far too many people make. If you're using this game as a void filler, or an escape, it only means you have issues you should probably address IRL in a healthy manner. I've seen far too many people prioritize their SL over RL over the years because their RLs are garbage. They all eventually 'fall down the rabbit hole' so to speak. Nowadays I sit by and watch it with a bowl of popcorn and 3d glasses. It happens at a safe distance in the combat community and makes for a very entertaining show. This game is a fun experience as long as you and the people you surround yourself with have their priorities straight both IRL and SL.
  8. combat community in SL is smaller than it was in say... 08 or 2011-15 but I'm interested to see if there's anybody looking who can't find the combat community. let's shoot at each other. LLCS ;}
  9. I never understood this corner of SL, but I usually just put it plainly that I'm not interested in RP, and then the situation diffuses itself. I am however interested in what makes those people 'tick' (apologies if that comes off strong, I just can't find proper wording). Like I completely understand wanting to RP as something interesting and exciting, but family RP goes over my head.
  10. as long as you aren't wearing a weapon (even holstered) our guys know not to shoot people ;D pretty dead this time of day though. our activity bolsters around 5pm central. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dark Dreams/209/212/16
  11. I did this one today. Paladin Zemmitry dressed up in recruit gear for the photo. Took about 2 hours to take. Poses are original anims from our animators.
  12. currently in the middle of shooting another. my black dragon crashed when i messed too much with my DOF so i recently had to restart it.
  13. Cont1 each of the photos has a dark/cool version, and a warm/bright version. i'll post those next.
  14. I have like... a lot that I took the past 2 days. We're doing a propaganda project. I'll post in replies. seems I can only add 2 per post.
  15. Finished up some meshes, and we're in need of photography of this base before we wipe it and make a new one as is the tradition. Gonna be making some photos for some ad boards. Figured the last time I posted here, I had a different loadout.
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