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  1. A few months ago, I was informed that having too many items in inventory causes crashes. Since then, I have decreased my inventory from almost 300,000 items to about 70,000 items, but I'm still experiencing crashing issues especially on sims that inhabit a large number of avatars. I've also performed numerous system scans as well. What other things can I do to remedy this situation?
  2. Valerie Volare


    Does Second Life still give credit for referrals? And if so, what is the url link for it and can it be posted on facebook or other social media?
  3. Valerie Volare

    Mesh Objects

    (SL Viewer) What is the proper computer setting to see mesh objects from a distance?
  4. Just recently upgraded to Windows 10 and updated SL viewer. Now experiencing problems with sit animations. Avi sinks too far down. AO is turned off. Didn't have this problem before. What do I do to get these animations working?
  5. I have receive the following message from my antivirus scan the last few times after I log out of SL: The application slplugin.exe accesses a web resource http://lecs-viewer-web-components.s3.amazonaws.com/v3.0/agni/avatars.html that has been detected as infected. The web resource has been successfully blocked and your PC is now safe. What is this web resource that is infecting my computer?
  6. When I log into SL, I end up in the nearest parcel because my parcels are no longer on the map. They have been offline for the past 3 days or so. I have a business and my home located there. When when my parcels be back online?
  7. How can I add my business to the Destination Guide on the SL website?
  8. I have never used live chat before, how do i access it?
  9. Valerie Volare

    Teleporting Home

    I can teleport to anywhere EXCEPT to my home region; others can't teleport there either, what do i do?
  10. Using SL Viewer 3.3.0, I have tried everything in the Troubleshooting Avatar Apperance section of the knowledge base. My avatar was a whitle cloud, now its a big white oval shape. What do i do?
  11. My friend and I belong to the same group. When I post an IM, she is not seeing it. I am not seeing IMs that she posts either. I am receiving group IM's but we STILL can't see each others posts. What do I do?
  12. I logged into the new version of phoenix and my avatar appeared as a red cloud. I clicked Ctrl/Alt/R to rebake textures; my avatar appeared but it's shape and skin is missing, also parts of clothing are missing as well. All i can see is hair, jewelry, skirt, and shoes. Click on wear for the skin and got error message: [19:16] Can't change appearance until clothing and shape are loaded. I unstalled, reinstalled phoenix, then cleared cache and still the same problem. What do i do?
  13. My friend and I belong to the same group. When I post an IM, she is not seeing it. I am not seeing IMs that she posts either. What do i do?
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