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  1. Are you looking for a place for a new satellite store or just a place to stay where you can for a while at a low cost. Lollipop, the official sim of BubbleGuM is now open with both available. Stop by for pricing and to see if this could be your new home!
  2. Spektral is currently hiring DJ's, hosts, and dancers. We are an EDM club searching for DJ's in a variety of genres such as industrial, alternative music and hip hop as well as EDM as we have themed nights for various genres. Applications are available at the club: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Saint%20Lucia/98/85/506
  3. Join us for horror trivia all night at Dead Dolls HQ for you chancce to win some cash. Get some shopping in at our many horror and dark fashion themed shops, take a few shots at our zombies, or try your luck at the boards in the lucky lobby while you compete for Ls on our horror trivia!
  4. Join the Dead Dolls and The Eldergoth Macabre for the Halloween Tales of Terror Hunt. Start at Suicide City and work your way through multiple sims as you follow each tale of terror to collect books in our spooky scavenger hunt! Stop by our starting location at Suicide City or head to suicidedolls.net for more information!
  5. Dead Dolls and The Eldergoth Macabre, the creators of the wildly popular Zombie Beauty Pageant, are teaming up again this fall to bring you the Demon Beauty Pageant! Head to suicidedolls.net for more information or click on the poster to TP to Suicide City and pick up your application to be one of our 10 contestants today!
  6. I am currently looking for assistants to fill the following roles within the Suicide Inc family of groups. As you can see there is a lot going on within Suicide Inc. Most of this I have been doing myself. It is high time to add some more staff LOL If you would like to apply for any of the following positions please send a NC with your name, position you would like to apply for, the qualifications you have that you feel would make you a good fit for this position, and any other information you believe may make you a good choice for the position applying for. Feel free to contact Zombina Gunawan at any time with questions you may have regarding Suicide Inc. or any of the below positions. Positions Currently Open : a.) Dead Dolls Assistant - This position will handle all paperwork of the Dead Dolls group and be in charge of updating group information both in world and on the website along with other secretarial roles that may come up in everyday group business. b.) Lucky Chair Zombies Assistant - This position will handle the location and updating of freebies, MM boards, and sales of goth/punk/ and emo items for the Lucky Chair Zombie group and post notices of these items. Blogging for the group may also be a part of the job from time to time. c.) Suicide Dolls Model Manager - handles all appointment and use of models. Work with clients to get proper model to proper client for each project as well as set up projects with admin approved clients. d.) Suicide Brawlers Team Coach - Coach for the brawlers will be in charge of running practice 2x weekly as per team schedule as well as set up brawls for our team with other teams as approved through Suicide Inc Admins e.) Suicide Dolls Events Manager - Events manager will handle any and all PR for Suicide Dolls as in matching events and clubs to Suicide Dolls and advertising for events on suicidedolls.net and other appropriate social media. f.) DollHaus Club Management - Handle any and all scheduling for the Dollhaus Club as well as attend any events scheduled to ensure proper staffing and PR for each event. g.) Suicide City RP Admins - Moderate roleplay at Suicide City sim and be on call for storyteller position when needed ( feel free to inquire for more information) You may choose "office hours" or times in which you would like to be available rather than being on call at all times. h.) Suicidedolls.net writers - All writers MUST have writing experience and not be affiliated with any other fashion groups within SL unless previously approved by Suicide Inc admin staff. i.) Suicide Inc Photographer - We currently have one photographer spot open for the magazine. A portion of your personal portfolio will be requested upon reciept of your application. 
  7. really? I have never heard of that one before I will have to try that next time LOL If all else fails you can always go to one of the test characters and rebuild your avatar from there. ( With that however, it does help to have a good stock of outfits saved so that you can easily change back from the test character lol )
  8. One thing that I do when I am thinking of a new shape is to go to the MP and pick up a few demos that I think I like.. see how they go with your skin, and what goes best with your skin as far as bone structure, etc and go from there. Generally, it is fairly easy to mod your current shape once you know what will look best with your skin rather than just starting with "what you want to look like" if that makes sense. For me, at least, knowing the limitations of a skin makes a huge difference with shapes. It could be that your skin is just not suited for the shape that you are trying to achieve ( some have smaller eyes than others, etc ..)
  9. haha so true... I get so sick of having everyone's bum in my face and upon last check my AV is 6 ft tall but I am still one of the shortest of my friends for sure.
  10. I've had this happen to my MP store as well... ( having things randomly just taken off.) One was simply a posture collar with a clown on it.. i still have no idea what happened there. The other, admittedly, is my fault for not realizing that a skin ad of mine showed ahem.. skin.. and was thus adult not moderate LOL oh well.. live and learn I think with the poor reviews most valid customers will realize that reviews like that are just that.. people who didn't take the time to ask for assistance or understand the workings of the MP before getting nasty over things quite frankly out of your control... at least that is how I always consider it when I am looking at an items and see a poor review for "did not deliver quick enough" or "unable to work" as long as there are also positive reviews.
  11. Dead Dolls and The Eldergoth Macabre have come together to bring a Halloween Event like none other to the grid. We are holding a month long scavenger hunt which will travel across many of SL's best dark sims as hunters solve riddles and find clues to progress through the "tale of terror" on each sim to complete the hunt. In addition to the hunt we will be holding special events throughout the month such as a demon version of our wildly popular zombie beauty pageant from the spring, a gothic fashion show, and much much more. We are currently looking for Sim owners who would like to join our growing list of participants hosting a portion of the event. If you are interested in becoming a part of our Halloween Festivities please stop by the Suicide City sim to grab a copy of the application, or head over to http://suicidedolls.net for more information. As always, feel free to contact Zombina Gunawan or Annabelelee Dreadlow with any questions you may have regarding the event. You can also join our special group for the event if you would like to keep up with all of the latest updates for the haunting month!
  12. haha oh noes! Favole is much more of a :matte-motes-inlove: face than a face loll
  13. Are you a tattoo artist or an artist who enjoys tattoo style work? If so then Dead Dolls and the Eldergoth Macabre want you! We are currently taking application ( through June 24th ) to join us to display your work ( both tattoos and art work are being accepted) at our first annual 4th of July tattoo convention! Spots are filling up fast so be sure to get those applications in to join us for a weekend of retro style, tattooed models, and rock and roll that you will not want to miss! For more information or to grab a copy of our application feel free to contact Zombina Gunawan or Annabelelee Dreadlow in world or stop by ..::SuiciDe CiTy::.. to join our events group and keep up to date with POPPYCOCK and all of the awesome events we have planned for the summer! You can also find more information on this or any of our other events by going ot the Dead Dolls blog or Eldergoth Macabre blog.
  14. Are you a writer, photographer or artist looking for something to do in SL? Suicide Inc is now looking to add more staff to our monthly magazine and website to help us bring more of SL's best counter culture to the grid. We are owned and operated by Zombina Gunawan ( Owner of Dead Dolls, Suicide Dolls, Suicide Brawlers roller derby team, and Lucky Chair Zombies) and AnnabeleLee Dreadlow ( Owner of the Eldergoth Macabre) who also manage the monthly Horror Haute sales event. If you would like more information or a copy of our application feel free to contact Zombina or Annabelee at any time or stop by ..::SuiciDe CiTy::.. to join the ..::SuiciDe DoLLs::.. group for updates on our magazine and future events!
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