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  1. I am amused and annoyed that fitted mesh bodies don't work with the rigged mesh clothes of so-called Stadard sizes when the body is adjusted to meet the Standard specs. Some of these bodies and many of the clothes are from the same minds behind the Standard sizes. Have a considerable investment in clothes for the old school bodies so I am in no hurry to spend more money for a body for for other clothes.
  2. This was taken 28 August 2014 at the Hot Bay City Nights car wash in North Channel. The annual event raises funds for http://www.childsplaycharity.org to help kids be kids. The late Ever Dreamscape organized the event in the past and would sometimes don her shark suit as part of the hijinks. A number of us got thinking of her yesterday then the shark suist just started appearing. Thanks for a great pic, Stiv! In the foreground is Evola Courtois. In the background is Uccello Poultry. The event continues through August 30th with the crowning of a new Miss Bay City. Read more about it at http:
  3. Counting time on the Teen Grid, I've been in Second Life for about eight years, starting as part of a therapist-guided program to overcome phobias and general therapy. It has worked pretty well, if I do say so myself, and I've continued because SL is now most of my socialization and recreation. Instead of staying indoors because of various fears, I now do so as I'm the main caregiver for my elderly step-mother. Being on-call 24/7 with infrequent trips outside the home would be far more difficult if I couldn't use Our World for a change of scenery. As fast as I can log in and at the speed of Et
  4. Congratulations, Mari! It's a really nice picture
  5. I had much the same issue in Nangrim. My brother and I owned some 2/3 of the whole mainland region. A Brazilian casino bought 2048m^2 of land then added another 1024m^2. Soon they kept the sim filled 24/7. I had to sit on the sim edges to manage the business I ran. Eventually, I cammed in and set all my land for sale. My brother did the same. Our only consolation is that the casino paid us a fortune – well more than what it was worth – and within a week gambling was banned. We were able to buy back a couple small lots dirt cheap and we still have land there now.
  6. /me cries. Very touching story. And a bit "In Your Face" to those who don't see beyond the shallow impression easily gleaned from a quick visit to Second Life or from not bothering to explore outside Welcome Areas and Infohubs. Thank you so much for sharing.
  7. Terrain textures look fine on my iMac regardless of the viewer. You might want to try a "clean install" — two words that seem to always be associated with Firestorm and Phoenix. Clear the cache in your Official Viewer first as well as the Group Cache (Advanced menu). Good luck! Model Name:iMac Model Identifier:iMac11,1 Processor Name:Intel Core i7 Processor Speed:2.8 GHz Number of Processors:1 Total Number of Cores:4 L2 Cache (per Core):256 KB L3 Cache:8 MB Memory:16 GB Processor Interconnect Speed:4.8 GT/s Boot ROM Version:IM111.0034.B02 SMC Version (system)
  8. Every Linden I've spoken to in-world or worked with in-world has been wonderful. Customer service in Live Chat, however, has made me drop all but one of my Premium memberships.
  9. Wow! I can't wait to see it. The Linden Moles fab skills.
  10. @Serenity ... Thanks for the info. If you get any more about the Bare Rose hunt, please feel free to post it here. FYI, y'all ... Serenity is the lead blogger for the Lucky Kitty Crew and she's been finding lots of Halloween bargains and freebies! Check out the blog here.
  11. Great post, Mia! As a blogger for the Lucky Kitty Crew I'm always looking for bargains and freebies. I got that WWI pumpkin crop top for just L$10 the other day, so it pays to check back frequently if you see an item you like but don't need it right away.
  12. Hauntingly beautiful images. Thank you for sharing them
  13. Stunning build, Kiana! I can hardly wait to get there *kicks RL to speed it up so she can log in sooner*
  14. @Evangeline ... Wow! That looks amazing! Thanks for sharing @Marianne ... I'm tellin' everyone about it, Mari!
  15. @Dragonlady ... Using the right Windlight settings is important. I know some viewers automatically change to what the landowner prefers. But it's always good to remind folks.
  16. Wowsers! I didn't think this post would show up until Friday. Well, start the comments and I'll look in when I can. Part of the idea of having Resident Guest Bloggers is to answer your questions (if we can) and keep a conversation rolling. Let me start off by mentioning a few things about the pix in my post. The Bay City Alliance and some really talented Linden Moles have a fun, all-ages hay maze for you to explore with some prizes when you get to the middle. Click the coffin often as it is a random prize giver with a total if nine gifts. A mesh-enabled viewer is best for when you visit. Many
  17. This is going to be so much fun that I'm already bouncing in my desk chair. I look forward to seeing what my fellow bloggers are going to write about and everyone's comments, too! Halloween is always an extra special time in Second Life because of the Residents! Give yourselves a Standing Ovation! :smileyvery-happy:
  18. A tip that usually works for me: Change your "bald" layer. It is sometimes called an "eyebrow shaper," too. Just change to a different one and back. If you don't have one or don't know where one is, just search your inventory for "bald" and something will turn up.
  19. The annual Menagerie Isle Haunted House is open early (SLurl). Come explore the home of Madam Jane, the world's spookiest fortune teller, then "drop into" the basement for the Dark Ride through several chilling levels of frights. Beware, there be pirates this year!
  20. Thank you for the bonuses, but you should note that some of the better creators are not Premium members and can often be found building in some of the better privately-owned but publicly accessible sandboxes throughout Our World. I can see myself using a Premium sandbox for when the children come play with thier spam cubes and particles, but likely I'll stick with the well-known standards. The idea of free goods is rather interesting. I don't hang out in the Forums like some do, prefering to spend my time exploring Our World rather than reading all the nattering, so I likely missed the public
  21. Is the Zexpo a Linden Lab-sponsored event? The sim rentals/tier comes from Linden Lab?
  22. It really is a very cool build. If you want more pics before you go, check out my blog post about it. Better yet, go!
  23. I faithfully read Honour's blog. If you haven't seen it, look at past posts. She finds some amazing places.
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