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  1. @n0minous @Kyrah Abattoir @Cyrule Adder @Wulfie Reanimator thank you for important advice I will try it based on the advice of you in various ways:) but it will take time a little as I am inexperienced... please give me a little more time I report progress again
  2. @n0minous thanks for advice I made hair-parts using "Solidfy" (both sides texture) and only for one side hair-parts I try making of the hair which mixed these now but very peculiar... some hair designer [ex] [ex] [ex] uses Alpha Blending well
  3. thank you @Cyrule Adder I heard "Make Double Sided" for the first time. Will it be such a thing?↓↓ https://www.katsbits.com/tutorials/blender/double-sided-faces-different-materials.php I want to try it later and check Z-fighting issues sequentially. Please tell me if there is a site serving as a reference
  4. Wulfie, Ardy, Kyrah, Cyrule thank you for your advice. I changed the setting to solve Z-fighting. this is effective in Blender, but is not reflected in SL in-world... I do not make rendering. I understand the difference between Alpha Masking and Alpha Blending. When I make it, show texture on the both sides using "Solidfy" or NOT? or mixes these? I try such a work. but my problem has not been fixed...:'(
  5. Hi this is a question about the alpha texture. for example : hair I put alpha texture on hair object. abnormality is seen in the part that it overlaps... hair behind becomes completely transparent. I tried much hair but I found the hair which did not appear of such a symptom. why do these hair not have abnormality of alpha? special texture? upload setting? method of fabrication? (I use Blender) Please tell me the solution Sorry for being bad at English
  6. @HunniHope I am grateful for your kindness and generous help
  7. @HunniHope thx for quick response I switched to latest Avastar 2.5-1, and I think that some problems were solved. I appreciate ur advice. but The problem is still left... :'( I made a ring (HandMiddle2Left) in Blender and upload in In-world. when I wear ring, a finger did not have it. It was put on in the place apart from left hand. What should I do to solve this problem? Please tell me someone...
  8. thx for ur reply. I tried it again with reference to the site I cannot improve these circumstances... :'( I was not able to export the mesh object(ring) which I made. What should I do to solve this problem? Please tell me someone...
  9. I made rings/accessory for bento hands. but A problem occurred in Belleza bento hands... plz tell me about Belleza bento hands in Blender ■ I imported Belleza bento hands(dae file) with reference to this site. https://avastar.guru/fragment/devkit-import-belleza/ in my case → Target Rig : Extended (cuz use bento) ■ When I validated hands bone, it became like this → https://prnt.sc/n65p0s I seem to have some problem...? ■ I made a ring to this hand in Blender and upload in In-world. but when I wear ring, a finger did not have it. It was put on in the place apart from hand. I tried the same procedure by Belleza body. Belleza Body(dae file) was available without a problem in Blender and mesh object corresponding to this body was available without a problem in In-World btw, I use → Blender 2.79 / Belleza_FemaleBentoHands_DaeApril2018 (dev kit) I am troubled very much. plz help me :'(
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