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  1. its basically any object no matter the scenario... but first noticed it when trying to make the ceiling in my shop be "full bright" as my alt... select face, then click the ceiling and poof kicked back out of the edit menu. Same thing for a regular default prim on the ground. Can only do the full object but never a "select face". Even if all permissions set to full etc etc
  2. This problem going on a while and I wondered if there's something known about it. In Firestorm... if I'm editing an object owned by my alt, who shares build rights with me and vise versa, when I go to change a texture face individually it will not let me. It pops out of the edit window entirely and I have to reselect the object. There is never a point where it will let me texture just one face. I can do the full object, but that is useless if I only need to change one side and don't personally own all the other textures. Does anyone know about this?
  3. I have just got this problem too... I'm 15 yrs in SL and always had the same yahoo email. I've set up filters over the years to keep all SL mail flowing as it should, and as of about Jan 1 I haven't gotten any offlines not even from my marketplace sales... Definitely something going on here. I tried to reset the email but it's not letting me... in my viewer that is checked but also greyed out and says to verify email, but in dashboard it already says verified (of course as it has for years). I wondered if anyone else with yahoo mail is having this since the new year... and looks like I'm not alone! (hmmm)😯
  4. instead of my group does 5632 and I do 16384... [[[[what it IS showing is in the group window it's put me in for 20048.]]]] My logic went from the principal of... 5632+16384=22016 PLUS 10% Firstly I don't understand this math after I did "deed to group" HELP!
  5. groups limit was still ok but after I went around and "deeded my parcels the number do not look like I thought
  6. It went as such... my group had 11 people of 512.. = 5632.. The land we wanted so badly was in auction... and only one person could hold it... so it was ME... this is the first time I've been out of group land in a decade to own something on my own. I could not seemingly after my group was clear of everything, donate anything to the group.. ( as I am accustomed to ) so I try this "NEWFANGLED" deed to group with contribution thingy and I'm not liking what I see in the group land hole... it's so not right. I have even relogged.
  7. OK.. this is the first time I have owned land my myself as in individual for 10 yrs.. so bear with me.. I got this in an auction. I had to abandon all my lands and pull out of the group donation. Now as an individual I can't "donate to group" in the group land/$ hole... so I'm guessing this is a DEED and owner makes contribution thing? does this still end up where my group gets the 10% bonus etc? or is this an evil thing set up to screw me out of that as well? (haha negative nancy here)
  8. I think I am already "screwed" because I requested all of the land I could get in figures with 10% bonus added on that we usually hold as a group, and that small amount is going to put me into a higher tier than was needed. If that doesn't double as well, I can accept the hit just once I guess. D'oh!
  9. Am I right in thinking if I bid and win an auction of mainland, that it is automatically given to just myself, with no option to buy for group within that process? I would have to get it as an individual first (without my 10% group bonus) and then sell to my group...pulling tier OUT of my group for the individual auction purchase and then putting it back into the group after I win it?
  10. Zeffie Brodie

    roadside trees

    I recently noticed when my partners land was taken (due to his death) that the roadside area had a lot more trees and bushes than ever before... Is there a way (aside from just derezzing them personally) to request that a tree be taken out? I have one now kinda coming up thru a parking lot... never really needed to ask it changed before now... anyone? Oh I've had a bad week of "submit a ticket" so I was probly silly for thinking there's some hidden way I didn't know of before. LOL
  11. If you have an object such as a employee time clock, - and you've not got enough lindens in your account, does it continue to pay the employee and put you in the negative red balance? Someone said that only negative balances are created by group fees - and that an object wouldn't do this... tho - objects that pay out do come with a LOT of warning boxes and such.
  12. We have the same going on in Maquapit. Neighbor and I were able to remove about half, the others are in gov linden abandoned land and neighbors who no longer log in. And beyond that, all over the sim. Filed reports til we are blue in the face... and have written to everyone who owns the lands in question hoping for help. Meanwhile block object by name has helped. But won't help anyone entering the sim unawares. Anyone ever come up with a better way to get Linden help?
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