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  1. Yes, mine is---just a titch - strange.
  2. I pay for one membership so I am only allowed one boat? I had not heard of "Alts" being able to get a home also? How are people getting two? I have alts but never considered getting another. Right now the new region of houseboats is soooo laggy I can not even decorate. Waiting for the excitement to go down a bit so I can at least use the one I have.
  3. No I think this is part of the getting ready to go--when it goes live the selection part is up too.
  4. They must be getting ready to release and testing -why we are getting error messages. Keep trying! I don't see an official announcement yet either.
  5. Last release was around noon SLT time. About two & half hours from now. I am assuming.
  6. I must LM The Squishy Pickle! Make it my home away from home.
  7. Sweet--looking at them now. Totally not where I thought they would be but it looks great. Kudos to the moles of SL!
  8. I remember Whisky Bay
  9. Tennis courts that work. Trails for running. Grills by picnic area to grill with family and friends. In winter perhaps put some snow up on the high spots? Just though's
  10. Teagon the above thread has been turned off. Can they turn it back on if they announce it on that list?
  11. Where is that new area being built? What is sim name? Thanks
  12. Me too--been on since 2006--time for an upgrade.
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