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  1. I put a ticket in to LL about it. It turns out, it was an inventory bug. They had me download and install the newest version of the SL Browser. Logging in, clearing the caceh and letting inventory load, ran the script that fixed the bug. Then I logged back into my Firestorm browser and everything is working fine. All landmarks are opening and the map is showing.
  2. Recently, I've noticed that I can no longer "Show on Map" for many of my landmarks. (Either my own or received from others). Before I go places, I often like to show it on the map to see how many people are there. But I can't anymore. Some landmarks still let me, but most don't - even ones that used to. Also, I can't bring up About Landmark for them. The Landmark window will just say "Loading ...". Am I the only one having this new problem?
  3. Yep. There is a certain eccentric "artist" in SL who's been banned from all over the grid, suspended numerous times by LL and must have at least 50 alts by now.
  4. My sentiments exactly. As I mentioned, I read that a long time ago (on the forum). I, personally, have lost count of how many alts I've had over the years. And they've been for totally legit reasons. I'm not a griefer or up to no-good. They have mostly been for testing as I build or set up new galleries. Whenever I need to test how another resident will interact with something, I've created an alt. Most have been deactivated. I'm sure the staff has better things to do, but if they take notice of a certain account, they apparently make note of it.
  5. I did read a long time ago, that if you get up to about 10 alts, LL takes notice as that could indicate a user is into griefing.
  6. Pretty cool to come across Philip Rosedale. A great mind and inventor. We owe it all to his vision. I can imaging he'd want to step in from time to time and see how his baby is doing. ❤️
  7. Oh, the point I forgot to make was that Sansar is not a replacement for SL. It's an entirely different kind of site and experience. Most SLers don't seem to be interested in it. I have an account there and love it but it doesn't replace SL. It doesn't work like SL. You go there to "experience" what talented 3D creators have put together. It's awesome. But no, it has nothing to do with SL.
  8. Hi Raa21 and welcome to SL! Though your first social places may be inactive right now, probably due to the Halloween season, it can also be that your friends have branched out and discovered all the other places there are to discover and enjoy in SL. SL is a large place with lots to see and do. It is not dying. I've been there for 10 years and still enjoy seeing what newcomers dream up to build and create. Please don't leave SL thinking it's dying just because things have changed where you've been hanging out. Start to TP around and see what else is out there. People come and go, let g
  9. I have a question about two groups: 1. I asked another user for use of of his group and he was happy to relinquish it to me because he appreciated what I would use it for. I was very grateful to him. And I always make sure to have my alt join so I don't lose it. However, I was delayed in using it and when I finally went to use it I found I no longer had it and another person was now using it! How could this happen?? And she will not let it go. I feel so bad about the original owner giving it up just for it to be snatched away from me. Do we lose groups if we go back to basic temporarily
  10. Where do I sign up for an email notification?? I didn't see that option. I keep hearing about the available houses after they're all gone.
  11. I GOT IT! Tis fixed! Here was my "disconnect": I thought the "Hover Height" on the Appearance Pie Menu was the same as the Hover Height within the "Edit Shape" box. It's not. It was the setting in my Edit Shape box that was off - set to 60. I set it to 50 and now I'm standing on the ground (at .137) and sitting properly (only minor adjustment needed). Finally, it all comes together! Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions.
  12. BTW - after all else failed, I took the suggestion that seemed to work for someone else. I deleted my user settings in case of corruption and rebooted to create a new folder. That didn't work. No effect at all. I still walk on the ground but sit inside of furniture. No, my AO isn't on. It's not that kind of "sinking". This is literally being positioned too low for furniture. This is mind numbing. I'm totally out of ideas. And the problem only exists with this avatar. And I've now wiped out all my saved logins. :::groans as she prays she wrote them all down somewhere::::
  13. Hi Susan - It's been a while, but are your hover settings still good? I've had this hover problem for just over a year now. None of the suggestions give apply. You said you set your "slider back to 50". What slider do you have that measures to 50? Both my Appearance and my Preferences sliders go from -2.00 to 2.00. In order for me to stand directly on the floor or ground, they both have to be set to -0.484. And I have to use one of the sliders to raise myself up out of furniture. This is a pain an I can't find the answer. So, what slider did you use that goes to 50?
  14. Hello all. It's been almost a year since I last posted this problem. The problem still remains. I've just given up sitting on things. lol I mostly stand around, TP around or dance. On the rare occasion that I sit, I just have to take time to use the "Adjust" menu in the furniture to get myself out of the furniture and up into the seat. To answer previous questions: No, I don't use a shoe base. I wear mesh shoes on my mesh body. No shoebase required - usually. Even if I did wear a shoebase, it wouldn't put me meters into the air. No, I haven't changed my avatar shape in three
  15. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem conn3cted at all to hover height. I keep quick prefs open so I can do a quick fix when I sit on things, dance, etc., and I only started needing to do this in the last few months. If my hover height is set to where it needs to be for standing, it's way too low when I sit on anything. If I use my hover height to fix my sit position, I'm hovering high in the air when I stand up. Somehow they have gotten out of sync. I need to figure out how to get them back in sync. This seems to be a programming error. I don't wear shoe bases.
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