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  1. I agree with Prim Mip. Also, as a premium member, I feel that one of the reasons I pay the premium fee is so I can at least be guaranteed certain basic things, like a functional grid map.
  2. Glad it's not just me. Sailing, horseback riding, driving, any type of exploring is difficult without a grid map reference that doesn't go beyond the mini map of a single sim.
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions. I had tried clearing my cache before posting here, without favorable results. After a couple of re logs it seems to have resolved. I have a program which checks for outdated drivers, and none were found. And no, Maryanne Solo, I have not been eating candy.
  4. All of a sudden, my teeth appeared as in the picture below. It does not matter whtat skin I wear, the teeth look the same. I'm using slink redux body with slink head. Teeth are switched on in the HUD. I tried the slink add on fangs and appearance is the same. Help please. It seems to have happened after the latest Linden viewer update.
  5. I found the texture packs, but how do you apply them? Are you supposed to add the packs to the house controller? Do you drag individual textures to the walls or floors? I have tried both and it doesn't work.
  6. My mistake in not knowing it was no longer a premium perk. That does not change the fact that the game is not working as it is supposed to. Linden Realms is still being promoted as a gaming experience, yet it does not work and has not been working for years as evidenced by this thread which was started in 2011. It is now 2018. That is not acceptable. If it is not working as described, it should not longer be offered to SL residents, premium or not. I have not doubt that a support ticket, if not several, have been submitted since 2011. Obviously they have not been addressed.
  7. It seems this has been a problem for YEARS. I have collected 200 crystals, they will not process. I have logged out, back in, went to the cornfield and back to the realm, removed all attatchements, removed ao. still crystals won't process into a flair. I don't see any other avis with flairs. Linden relms is supposed to be a premium perk, yet those of us who pay for a premium account are not getting what was promised. Either fix Linden Realms, or stop offering it as a premium perk.
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