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  1. Hi there! Had the same problem. When you get the message saying that they are 'sold out', try refreshing (press f5) about 4/5 times. Then go back to your homepage and give it another try. It worked for me. Good luck Monty.
  2. Hi Gang! Looking at the evolving map it appears LL are gearing for a big release rather than the staggered releases they do at the moment. Can anyone confirm whether this is true? Thanks.
  3. In my experience the first thing that happens is your ex takes everything she possibly can lol. Sl so much like rl!
  4. Sorry guys i have now found the texture pack in my inventory lol. It doesn't have the floor textures though lol
  5. Thanks for your replies. The kind of thing I need are on the MP and in the Traditional Homes content pack it doesn't have the textures.
  6. Hi, does anyone know if there are texture packs for the walls and floors for the new traditional linden homes? I can't see one in the creation pack and it would really help me out. Failing that, has anyoen got the UDD codes for the various textures in the homes. Many thanks for your replies.
  7. You're welcome. According to the Lindens they are releasing them every other day and yesterday they released at least two batches. A friend of mine got one on the second round. So on Sunday really go for it with the refresh and who knows you may get one.
  8. I got lucky a few days ago and I got a house:) Use the autorefresh chrome extension that if you set up correclty, will play a sound when a home is available.
  9. Maybe a fairer method would be to go on a waiting list and as they are built you are allocated one.
  10. I'm in the UK and I saw one yesterday and another UK based friend saw one today
  11. Does anyone know if you can put the new linden homes/houseboats as part of a group so your partner can rez etc?
  12. I saw a houseboat available yesterday.
  13. I don't think it is today. Does anyone know the schedule for when they are releasing the next batch of homes?
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