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  1. @Vir Linden I wonder if you can get whoever looks after the Wiki to update the UUIDs for the BAKES channels/fallback textures to the up to date ones... and add the extra 5 added BAKES? https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Internal_Textures
  2. More UUIDs and fallback textures would be a bit of overkill don't you think? Better if it can be done to have a (one bit boolean) flag (default "on" for compatibility) to let you turn off alpha hiding of the relevant part.
  3. @Vir Linden can you point us at the JIRA number? I was not sure which seemed to be related to this issue.
  4. A good example of something that would benefit from @Henri Beauchamp 's suggestion of allowing a tick box to disable making the underlying body parts transparent when applying an attachment with a BoM texture would be elf ears. You might want them to have the HEAD bake texture applied, but leave the head visible.
  5. If default was that the tick box was ticked and all existing items had it set to on, but a user could edit/texture any face to set it off for new items and change previous previous items, then Henri’s idea would be compatible with all existing content too
  6. Just to be clear Vir, I was not expecting a HUD itself to be seen by other avatars at all. Its the side effect of the HUD on the visual appearance of the avatar I was talking about. As other users can see something very different to what you see yourself. And a HUD that is rigged would just be weird... mind you I have seen mesh body HUDs that have the head attached! You add the HUD and the rigged head part plonks on top of your body... take it off and you are decapitated! First thing I do, if I have modify permissions, is unlink the head from the HUD part. The HUD I was using to expose these issues is simply 11 linked prims textured to monitor the BAKES texture contents...
  7. I think the best route would be the fix of “avatar-hiding is not done for HUD-attached non-rigged elements of objects which have BoM textures set”. I can see many useful use cases for HUDs that show the current bakes textures in HUDs that can also apply textures directly on Mesh body parts, and HUDs that are used for monitoring purposes. I have already fixed several long term issues with basic body parts such s the classic feet, some skin issues, etc by seeing they were not baking as I expected.
  8. Just to be clear Vir, I was not expecting a HUD itself to be seen by other avatars at all. Its the side effect of the HUD on the visual appearance of the avatar I was talking about. As other users can see something very different to what you see yourself.
  9. Sean.. try this. Remove all BoM attachments and mesh body parts and any alpha... stay as classic avatar underlying that. Now add your HUD... and observe that in your viewer the part(s) of your avatar corresponding to those BoM textures you have included in the HUD will be hidden. BUT, look at the avatar via a second avatar login, whether on same system or another system it turned out) and for that second avatars view the avatar parts that are hidden still show. Vir, I understand what you say, but the difference in behaviour I think is a bug. unless its just my setup. Can you gve me the JIRA URL fir the report you mentioned? As well as in the official viewer, the same thing happens with test builds of Firestorm 6.3.1 with BoM included. Which of course us probably the sane code merged in.
  10. A HUD that may have parts BoM textured when attached to a HUD position will locally make the relevant parts of the underlying classic avatar transparent in the view of the avatar that attached such a HUD, but that does NOT show to other users. Its probably a viewer bug to have this difference in behaviour?
  11. I just tried using across two separate computers and the same sort of thing happens... so its NOT a multiple viewers on same system issue. I must be doing something wrong here! Possibly HUDs that use BoM textures are not meant to make the relevant parts of the avatar transparent, and that only applies to attachments on the avatar iself rather than the HUDs? So the issue might be that the local viewer for the avatar wearing a HUD that includes BoM textures sees the relevant parts of their avatar go transparent, but all other users don't? If anyone has an insight please post a note.. meanwhile I will continue to see if I can pin down what is happening.
  12. Has anyone tried logging in with the new BoM viewer using two (multiple in other words) viewers on the same desktop at the same time? I think there might be an issue... when I wear a BoM equipped HUD and the underlying classic avatar parts are meant to go transparent. They don't for the OTHER user even after doing a "Rebake Texture". The avatar parts continue to show for the OTHER user. Can someone else try things and see if there might be a glitch before I look at identifying the specifics to make a JIRA issue if necessary? 1. make sure Preferences -> Advanced -> Allow Multiple Vierwers is on. 2. Log on with one avatar - stay classic for now. 3. Log on with a second user and go to same location. 4. Try adding a HUD for avatar one which has BoM faces set. Observe that view changes for avatar one. Observe that the view for avatar two of avatar one does NOT change. Try Texture rebake and observe no change. 5. Try adding a BoM textured attachment or HUD for avatar two. Observe that view changes for avatar two. Observe that the view for avatar one of avatar two does NOT change. Try Texture rebake and observe no change. I am also seeing a second avatar stay as a cloud forever even after avatar rebake in some cases.. possibly related.
  13. Could be the greatest thing since sliced ... (mesh) 🙂 Seriously, it will take some time for adoption, but as one of the developers of the open source Ruth 2.0 and Roth 2.0 mesh bodies its a development that I think will very much simplify the use of mesh bodies with skins, tattoos, undergarments and some tight to body clothing.. reducing the use of onion layers and improving efficiency. BoM texturing can also be offered as one option for mesh texturing and alpha slicing, alongside or within HUD appliers.
  14. Suggestion to allow bake button on textures selection for in world editing as well as worn attachments put on JIRA... https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-227553
  15. Thanks for that suggestion Digit... I dashed to my computer to try it... but there is a problem… the LL Official Viewer does not have the edit option on right clicking Inventory items. That's a Firestorm viewer feature. And at the moment Firestorm does not support BOM. It would be great if LL could think about some of the use cases where allowing the bakes textures to be applied would be useful. I hit such use cases right away as I reported before and I dare say anyone preparing items for the marketplace that will make use of BOM will find it useful. It would be good if the Firestorm folks allows the bake radio button on their edit too.
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