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  1. Does logging into the Second Life account web page (at https://secondlife.com/my/ ) count as an "activity" on the Tilia account? Or must a check be made on the $US balance explicitly in some way (e.g. by clicking through to https://secondlife.com/my/account/ ) or going even deeper specifically to some Tilia web site? Its one more thing to remember to do annually in any case, and altering the inactive period to a little MORE than one year would be helpful to premium account fee payers using their $US balance to pay annual fees to make this clear to future users anyway.
  2. Hi... could you change the notice period for inactivity to one month rather than 3 days to allow for users travelling or away from their systems for typical vacations, etc. Could you also address the issue for those of us with a US $ balance set up to fund annual premium payments. So payments are only taken from that balance once a year and the exact date can vary a little depending on when @Linden Lab do the billing. Hence it can go over the 12 months of inactivity period. Can you adjust the inactivity period a bit to allow for such a variance, or only record inactivity after, say, a one month notice of such inactivity has been sent?
  3. Just to clarify something... I understand from the @Linden Lab community post that once the Tilia accounts are created they can be accessed with our current SL account user names and passwords. If the Second Life password is subsequently changed does the Tilia account also use the new SL password via authentication through SL, or is it separate after creation?
  4. I appreciate that paying an annual premium fee from a US dollar balance is MEANT to count as activity within 12 months. But can I point out that actually such payments depend on the exact date that Linden Lab processes the payments via Tilia... and experience tells me that this can vary by a few days each year. Hence the payment may be LONGER than 12 months. As an example I have left a US dollar balance that covers a couple of years of premium fees in my account. This ought to continue to be possible without hitting the account inactivity issues. Also, the 3 day notice period for inactive accounts to allow the account holder to take appropriate steps is WAY too short. Anyone travelling or away from their usual place of activity needs longer. Please inform one month in advance of making the account inactive. A small adjustment to the T&C to either make the inactivity period be 13 months (to allow for annual payments with variation of billing) or adding a grace period of one month before inactivity fees are charged after notification has been sent to the account holder.
  5. Patch, does this mean that anyone entering the monitored area gets a warning instantly and then gets ejected if they have not passed through within 15 seconds (or as set)? That might mean that people see a lot of pop up messages as they fly through.. most nice trips are lower than 400m to see the view as you travel along or at sea level its easy to clip the outer edges of houseboat dock areas. I hoped that the security system might have a delay before activating the warning... say a minimum of 10 seconds, then a short delay before the kick off... say a minimum 5 seconds... so same minimum limit of 15 seconds but avoiding lots of pop ups from anyone flying over in under 10 seconds. Maybe in version 2 if that is not already the process? I will test with a second avatar to see how it currently works later today. Thanks.
  6. Excellent improvements. Thanks. I wonder if the home contents pack could include a controlled lighting item(s)... maybe toggled off/soft/bright via the home control panel?
  7. VorpX just shows the Second Life viewer as a 2D cinema screen in front of you, not a 3D/VR scene you can "enter". Use Shift+mouse scroll wheel to zoom the viewer window away from you to see all the menus.
  8. I hope that LL can take another look at their Oculus project Viewer code. There was just something badly wrong with the build that was put out last time. It had all sorts of issues and did not look like the code that was emerging. Even the settings were not connected to the 3D/VR mode of the viewer, yet commits just ahead of the project viewer build release were handling some issues in that. It would be good if LL could try again. Meanwhile CtrlAltStudio was updated to work with Oculus SDK 1.5.0 by David Rowe. CtrlAltStudio is based on a version of Firestorm 4.6.9 from December 2014. Frame rates are good, and perfecty acceptable for exploring Second Life (and OpenSim) regions in VR. Some testing and feedback is in these blog posts... http://blog.inf.ed.ac.uk/atate/2016/07/18/testing-ctrlaltstudio-viewer-1-2-6-43412/ http://blog.inf.ed.ac.uk/atate/2016/07/20/oil-rig-training-environment-in-vr/ http://blog.inf.ed.ac.uk/atate/2016/07/24/roller-coasters-in-vr-using-ctrlaltstudio/
  9. Oh that is very sad. This really was working well with the DK2 and the earlier Oculus SDK and certainly enough for some very impressive and immersive training experiences, small group meetings, etc. I even attended a virtual graduation for distance education students in VR on the Vue regions in Second Life very successfully. You have massive advantages in VR when it comes to the whole linked up social platform and content that is in Second Life. It would be really helpful to know what went wrong with this latest release as the graphics were really low quality even on a really top end rig. Basics like the mouse cursor not showing and all the UI not wired up to the settings panel was just odd. This all worked fine before and surely that's not changed by altering things to move to the later SDK. The 1st July 2016 version seemed to reverse all the inputs given and the progress made by internal and external testing that was taken on board by VoidPointer Linden for the previous release. I hope your team can figure out if this was just a glitch for this release and a quick fix gets you back to the previous state. Don't even think of trying to go for 90fps with distant scenes and all that. We all understand that's not what the aim can or should be.
  10. Please describe the plans for Oculus Rift and other VR HMD support and, if possble, a rough timescale for the developments. Will the support be a separate branch Project Viewer for some time, or are there plans to bring the VR support into the main viewer quite soon, so its an available option in the mainstream.
  11. David Rowe's CtrlAltStudio viewer at http://ctrlaltstudio.com was compiled for the earlier Oculus runtime and worked up to runtime 0.8. You can add comments to the blog posts abouit the viewer and Oculus support there, and david is often very responsive to questions. but read his existing comments first as he is hoping LL's own viewer will come soon as his work was meant as a stop gap. We have been using both the LL viewer (while it worked) and CtrlAltStudio in Second Life and OpenSim fine until recently... http://blog.inf.ed.ac.uk/atate/2015/10/16/virtual-reality-in-second-life-and-opensim-using-the-ctrlaltstudio-viewer/ But note that with the arrival of Oculus 1.3 CtrlAltStudio viewer can no longer be used for VR in Second Life. Its a great pity as we often demonstrate educational experiences such as an Oil Rig and seabed equipment as an example of virtual worlds for education and it works great in VR... http://blog.inf.ed.ac.uk/atate/2014/11/28/oil-rig-in-virtual-reality/ Oz Linden did say back in January on the JIRA... It is certainly our goal to have a version available and reasonably current by the time they're delivering consumer units; hopefully much sooner.... If you post in the forums, we'll see it and possibly respond ... Hopefully the good folks working on this will be able to get an updated project viewer in our hands soon. Oz and graham.... if you need someone to test things on DK2 and CV1 setups, just give me and others expressing an interest here a shout.
  12. Looking out 3 or 4 years, do you see Project Sansar as creating many separate sharded experiences for its users or will a user see themselves as being part of a connected whole? My question is about the Lab's interest in supporting the creation of a "metaverse" of linked and shared content. So, do you see a continuing role for the massive investment in content and shared experiences that are already in Second Life (and indeed in OpenSim) and where technically feasible for that to still be able to be "visited" from newer platforms... perhaps with a limited outfit and "travel suitcase". Linden Lab wrote: Hello, This thread is for your questions for the upcoming edition of Lab Chat. Read what Lab Chat is on our Official Blog, then add your questions to this forum thread.
  13. This is a good move and should be very useful for MOAP... but the legacy things that QuickTime gave us on the plot media texture were very useful. MPEG4 (.mpg) movie playback and loops, and real time streaming media (.sdp) even for live events, is something we have used a lot at the Virtual University of Edinburgh for things such as virtual graduations (e.g. streaming the real graduation to our virtual graduands, and vice versa). Will such things work with the default configuration or will addins be required? If addins are required it would be nice if you can find a way to package those into the release so everyone has them avalable. Or if that is impossible at last some "common addons" web page with download links so there is an easy way to tell any user how to set up to make things that were accessible on the media texture and hence media screens in world work. An initial test of the Project Valhalla viewer on my Windows 10 setup did have the media texture screens showing a quicktime server .sdp stream and a looping MPEG-4 video on the screens (as shown in the image above), but I am not sure if that is because of other elements I already have installed or if its included by default in the Valhalla viewer.
  14. For six years since 2009 the University of Edinburgh has offered its distance education and remote new graduates the option to graduate in Second Life, alongside the real world ceremony in the McEwan Hall on Edinburgh's campus. Such Virtual Graduations have taken places in several schools including Education and the Vet School. The facilities have won an EDUBlog Award and appeared in the media and press. Some new graduates have even graduated in real life and as avatars in Second Life simultaneously to join in the celebrations in both communities.The Principal of the University of Edinburgh, Prof. Sir Tim O�Shea, himself an educational technology innovator, properly introduces the virtual graduates to the McEwan Hall audience, who can see the virtual world Venue@Vue facility on a large screen in the hall, and the new virtual graduates involved in the ceremony appear in the official programme. http://vue.ed.ac.uk/graduation.html http://blog.inf.ed.ac.uk/atate/2014/11/28/2014-virtual-university-of-edinburgh-graduation-school-of-education/
  15. I am afraid today I started to see failures to create assets (black popup box in upper right corner of viewer) when unpacking purchased boxes. Two items in the packing box out of 7 failed to be copied to inventory after opening the box.. which did not use a give inventory script. I was about to tell the vendor there was a problem, but thought to retry the unpacking again. Worked on THIRD attempt. Just as well items in this case allowed for copy. Items involved were sculpts I believe, not linked prims or meshes. The box rezz was on the vendors in world store location as it was allowed ther and that may be a factor. AAfter thT, I aso in one case I had a simple attachment from the same unpack on left forearm that was stuck on, not removed when another size was worn from inventory (not "added"). Trying to detach the attachment gave a black pop up warning something like asset does not exist... yet I could see it on the avatar in the viewer. I had to relog to get the attachment off. I also had some clothing layers stuck on visually, but not indicated as worn. Advanced - Rebake Textures had no effect. I had to "edit outfit" to correct this. These issues are ones I have not seen for a long time.. not in last few years anyway. With more time next week, I will log properly the context and any message text I see. But this is just a heads up on this in case others start to report these issues. They started as soon as I upgraded the viewer form 3.7.18 to 3.7.19. In UK. LL 3.7.19 latest release viewer. System is PC Windows 8.1 i7 processor, 32GB RAM, GTX 680 GPU, fast University network connected system.
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