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  1. Try taking off any mesh items, tattoos, scripted items, and change skins. Then put your avi back together carefully, watching for the item that caused the problem. If you're using a Mac, trying changing your DNS servers to OpenDNS or Google DNS. Bizarre, but it solved a lot of problems for me.
  2. Danny Nolan wrote: *golfclap*. Outstanding Job LL. Let's not bother fixing any of the outstanding, game breaking bugs that have been in the viewer for years and years, nor bother to finish any of things you started that could actually have been useful. Let's also not bother to listen to the community, patch/fix/add things that THEY want. You know .. the people who put that money that's sitting in your pocket right now. If it weren't for the USERS, you wouldn't have made a cent. It's abominable things like this keep happening. For years now, they've been giving nothing but constant oppression and disrespect for the users. People can defend LL all they want, but this is just starting to get ridiculous. Amen to all of the above. I have to wonder if this is Rod's first stab at eliminating RLV, or if he's actually trying to move all of the TPV creators to avination. Nobody of any importance in-world uses the SL Viewer, because the Third Party viewers offer a variety of very compelling features. Rather than continuing to annoy those who are improving their product for them, perhaps they should concentrate on bug fixes, performance, and stability? To find a way to patch running servers without restarting regions? I.e. actually do their work instead of playing politics with the customer base?
  3. It depends wildly. Would you rather hear about a good day or a bad day? Let's start with a good day. I rezz in my cage at home; this is my 'home' landmark. Master force-tp'd me there last night, when I fell asleep in his arms. He was kind enough to dress me in my favorite cute nightgown first, though he did leave my torturously high heels locked around my ankles. I lap some water from my bowl and check my friends list to see who's on. I IM my sister, happy to see my IMs haven't been blocked. She's busy with her pet neko, so she can't come visit me, but we chat about how our days went. I try to IM a friend, only to find my IMs are blocked, and she's on the allow list. Sigh. I try on some different makeup styles, and find the ideal match for my cute nightie. Finally Master arrives after his dinner. He's not talkative, and putters around somewhere else in the house for several minutes while I sit and stew, getting more and more excited. I want to call out to him, but other than a greeting I know not to make demands. When he's ready, he comes upstairs and opens the cage door. I fly out and into his arms, then he pushes me down to his knees, to greet him with a proper slave's hug. "Put on a gown, we're going dancing." My nightie hits the floor. "Do you have a color preference, Master?" He smiles "Anything you like." I start assembling one of my favorites, a multi-layer gown with a lace top that leaves little to the imagination. Plus it's black, and apparently I'm not getting these heels off any time soon. As I'm dressing, he unlocks the cuffs I wear most of the time, and allows me to remove them. Just the wrists and upper arms, my ankles remain cuffed, keeping the heels locked to my feet. We tp to a beautiful jazz club, where there's a live singer tonight. We dance the entire hour of the live show, whispering conversation in IM and listening to the performance. He is handsome and gracious as always, dressed in coat and tails. As we dance, he gives tantalizing hints of what might follow. Once the live performance is over and we've generously tipped the singer and the hostess, we dance to a few songs off the club's stream, then retire to a club where a few friends have gathered. After greeting our friends, Master strips off my gown, adds back my arm cuffs, and chains me to the large chest that serves as a coffee table in a comfortable seating group. A friend has been leashed kneeling at one end of the chest and watches sympathetically as I'm chained to the box with my bottom stuck up in the air. As the conversation swirls around me, Master gags me (I'm a squealer, which he doesn't permit in public play) and puts two of my favorite toys in me, then sits on the couch nearby and takes out the remote control for the toys. I'm not able to follow the conversation well, as Master begins tormenting me with the toys, bringing me to the edge of release, then having one of our friends swat me or douse me with their drinks, to bring me back down. Eventually, despite my crazy lust at being publically shown, displayed, and tormented, I succumb and drift off, knowing that I will awake where I belong, in my cage. And a bad day: Frick. Hands short-chained to a knee-high post. Can't stand, can't lay down, all I can do is hug this stupid post. The floor is cold. And hard. My shoulders hurt. There's nobody to talk to. I can't IM anyone. My sister laughs at me. Master, I love you, but you suck. Where are you? I want to fiddle with my new collar, but I can't reach it. The floor is really cold. Leashes suck. I fall asleep, tiredness overcoming the tension in my shoulders and the pain in my wrists. (see pic) An awful day: Oh wonderful, I'm locked in a tight corset, ballet boots, and a yoke, and master hasn't logged in for almost 2 weeks.
  4. As to all the wild accusations of TOS violations and IM: The SL TOS explicity forbids intercepting or logging of IMs, except by the parties involved in the IM. Several collars give the "owner" the ability to record the "wearers" side of public chat, and most give the "owner" the ability to disable IMs. Neither of these is a violation of the TOS. No collar I'm aware of gives the "owner" the ability to snoop, monitor, or log IMs, as this would be a violation of the TOS. So if we could all just stop ranting about this, that would be great. As for the OP: if you don't like bondage games, don't play them. Don't go to bondage sims, and don't talk to people wearing collars. I certainly hope you're not one of those idiots who feels he has to push me around because I'm tiny and wearing a collar, or cuffs, or a leash.
  5. For impaired vision, your friend may simply want to look into getting a BIG monitor. I have a 27" lcd at home that is 1920x1080 and I can SL with no glasses or contacts, or just with my reading glasses. Most HDTVs can make big monitors for a modern computer as well, and the price of 32" and even 37" TVs is getting quite affordable now. For control, I'm not sure. I think MS affects the fine motor control as well, which will making moving around in SL difficult. This might be something to get a university student group to look into, if you have a nearby university with a medical department. I'm truly sorry for your friend, and wish her the best.
  6. Given that the final release has been available to developers for several weeks, why did you wait until now to begin testing?
  7. I tried the latest 2.7.5, plus Firestorm Beta, Dolphin (v2), and Singularity (v1) today and none work. I get to "downloading clothing" and then the spinning beachball of death. Sigh.
  8. Buy a Mac. Duh. As for the defragging question, daily? Probably not. You can defrag when it needs it - your defragging tool will help you decide that - or just get a filesystem that doesn't fragment itself. Like HFS+ (Mac OS X filesystem). I run Software Update nightly, and reboot my Mac only when Software Update needs it. Other than that, it's suspend/resume for weeks at a time. I use it for SL, web browsing, email, research and school homework, and ebooks, plus at work for tracking the status of my little software development and database team.
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