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  1. The last Snowglobe update (rather old) works for the most part on Lion with few errors. I personally have not yet tried a v2 viewer, but will soon.
  2. Roaring Apps is declaring that Viewer 2 doesn't work with Lion. What's being done to address this? Will there be a 64-bit Cocoa-based viewer release? When? Source: http://roaringapps.com/app:458
  3. Just curious here, when logging into SL, why is there no "Local Server" option for us who would love to create and build offline so we can upload our latest creations when we do log in? Of course it would be a local only sandboxed server that had no way of letting anyone from the outside world connect other than your local box the client is installed on. It would seem like a win-win situation for everyone. We wouldn't have to be online to build and save (what if we're traveling?) and LL would save big bucks by not paying for the bandwidth used, perhaps they could pass those savings along to us. Viable?
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